Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend Project

I made this fun little card for a co-worker's baby shower last month.  After taking one of Alicia's card classes YEARS ago at Brown's (did anyone else take those classes with me back in the day?), I learned that it is SO much for cost effective and sentimental to make my own cards for the special occasions of my friends and family.  Especially when cards cost anywhere from $3-10 these days!!!  OUCH!  And to top it off I NEVER throw away a handmade card--I treasure them forever!! Am I PREACHING to the choir here?!?!?!  :)

She is having a baby boy named REED so I thought it would be great to stitch his name on the front.  I didn't use a template for this font, I wrote it in pencil. (your own handwriting--VERY personal touch!) Or if that idea doesn't appeal to you, you could always use stamped words, letters or designs as a template OR purchase the Bazzill In Stitch'z templates from the AWESOME selection at the Attic. 

I use a simple back stitch for my lettering (and most projects) so that I get a solid line of stitches.  (A running stitch will give you a "dashed" look that is harder to read).  I added some accordian folded patterned paper and crepe paper for texture and stitched down the crepe. 

I am in LOVE with crepe paper ruffles these days.  Crepe paper is soo easy to work with, shape, stitch through, and glue down!  Now, it isn't acid free so if you are worried about that I wouldn't put it near your photos or you can spray it with archival spray first.  Not to mention it is SUPA cheap and comes in a VARIETY of vibrant colors!!

(DISCLAIMER***If Renee ever tells you how AWFUL crepe paper tastes---believe her and don't bother testing her theory for yourself!! ha!)

I did ALL of this on a piece of coordinating Bazzill cardstock in a solid color to make the detail work stand out.  This is also a KEY technique as well, for covering the back of your stitches.
What is the ReASoN for this RANDOMly fun card tutorial do you ask???  WEEEELLLLLL, let me tell bff and I will be busy little bees this weekend making wedding shower invites and this is the general design we are planning to use. 
I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product next week!!  besosbesos, dc


Lan said...

What a cute idea! Love your handwriting font.

Tiffany said...

handmade cards are the best! however...shower guys are overacheivers!