Monday, April 19, 2010

in case you didn't already know......

the girls and i have been doing some "research and blog stalking" over the last week/s....we're cussin' and discussin' the new location!  what we love about our current location and what we'd LOVE to change....we've been looking online at some of our favorite stores in the U.S., and you know how THAT usually goes - you go to one person's blog, then click on a link from that persons blog, to this persons blog, to this persons blog, etc. yadda yadda yadda.....and before you know it - 6 hours have passed (you're JUST about ready to pee your pants, starvin', dyin' of thirst, and WHERE are the KIDS??!?!..ha!). the process of doing all of that......I (steffanie) have come across SEVERAL blogs or sites or message boards or facebook pages of customers that I've recognized.  And i am overwhelmed at the amount of support that you are giving to us!!!  Everything from having our "tag" or "blinky" on your site, to just mentioning us in your post, or giving an idea that you've found in the store, an experience that you've had with us....the list can go on!  I am SO touched by this.  I wanted to stop at each place that something was mentioned and just write a heartfelt paragraph to each of these people...but we ALL know how carried away i can get, and i didn't want anyone getting a restraining order out or anything!!!!

Now, i'm not saying that there were 100's of these posts and support sightings out there, i'm talking like roughly 10 that i stumbled upon - but SErioUSLY!  That's a pretty big deal to me!!  So from the bottom of MY heart (and when i say MY, i mean, my girls!!!  Mom, renee, krusty, laura, sarah)......thank YOU!!  Thank YOU for continuing to support US!!  Thank you for doing what you can do for your LSS at a time when our economy is unstable.  When some of you and/or your spouse is unemployed.  Even those of you that have stated that you can't AFFORD to shop right now - thank you for SPEAKING your support, recommending our store to others on large message boards.  Thank you for knowing that it's NOT JUST ABOUT the MONEY!!  (sure it DOES help to make the rent payment!)...but, for us anyway, we build RELATIONSHIPS with YOU, and your SUPPORT is more than monetary!!!  

So, thank you!!!  
***i can go to sleep now, i wanted to get that off my chest before going to bed tonight!!!  
have a great Monday!! :)


Angie Lentz said...

Well Steff and the attic girls, I know I don't currently have a blog (in the process now) but you make it easy to give you credit. I have friends in TX and MO who follow you because you guys are AWSOME!! You share your love for scrapbooking with all of us. So for that we say thank you to you guys!!! It takes someone with great personallity to be able to show how wonderful they are through words!!! Also you support other small businesses (hello you introduced a new scrap store in Wichita to us) that is pretty special in it's self!! I don't know if any of that makes sense but there you go. Good Monday to you too!

kristyM said...

We are so BLESSED with the best customers in the USA!!!! ((sniffle))