Tuesday, August 5, 2008

okay - THREE posts in ONE week - whats wrong with me?!?!!!! :)
i'm just jumpin on here to see if anyone wants to crop with me on friday night!??!! i'm gonna stay for the crop on friday night and thought i'd send all of you a personal invitation to come and crop with me!! Krusty - i miss you - you wanna come crop with me?!?! smelli??!??! Dana!?!? ANYONE?!?!

I'm croppin - with or without cha!! ha ha !! :)
michielle and christie - it may just be you and i sisters - but we're havin a partA!!


heather~dawn said...

I do, I do...I wish! Been doing a lot of cropping from home! Been getting lots of smaller things done!

Christie said...

Woo Hoo party time! I am ready to crop, even if it IS just the 3 of us! lol. Michielle and I will just have to spend lots! :)

Michielle said...

YeeeeHaw!!!! Party!!! Bring it on sista!!! I'm ready to have some fun. I've been 'house-bound' due to the LAST visit from Aunt M....so I'm ready to get outta here!!!!

Kim said...

I'm comin' Steff! I will be there and Caitlin is coming....but way later. Put me on the list!

JennK said...

sounds like fun fun fun