Thursday, June 17, 2010

ATTENTION ATTIC MONTHLY KIT CLUB SUBSCRIBERS!!!!~and those that don't subscribe YET~

(we'd LOVE to have you join!)

Here are SOME of the Brands that we're PACKING in your


*Best Creations*

*some fantastic FABRIC*

* Reminisce*

Wanna see a few SNEEKS of the ~layouts~ for the JULY Attic Monthly Kit!?? I'll warn's gonna be HARD to wait until JULY 2nd (dl's birthday, btw!) to get your hands on this one!!!

~~~that's all i can show you for now....gonna get the passwords changed on me if i leak any more fun stuff out! ; )

Now - for those of you that are DROOLING, WISHING and HOPING that you were a subscriber of our Attic Monthly Kit, there's STILL time to reserve yours!!! You can sign up for a 6 month subscription for only $27.99 a month! On average, we create AT THE LEAST 8 layouts PER kit, but more often than NOT - we get 12 or more each month!! That's an average of $2.33 PER LAYOUT!! You can't BEAT THAT!! We include a 2 page (12x12) color copy insert each month, jam PACKED with inspiration!! We show each of the layouts that we have created, and include a tip or technique for each one!! We also offer a Cardstock Add On to each kit. This includes all the CARDSTOCK that we use to complete our layouts. (some choose to be able to utilize their OWN cardstock stash, while others like having it already color coordinated to match!) you can choose to reserve the add on each month for the entire 6 months, or a month at a time.

You also have the option to purchase our Kit Club (on a first come basis) one month at a time. The price for that is $30.99!! AND WE SHIP!!! Directly to your door!!! You can sign up ONLINE through our ONLINE STORE, over the telephone (316-733-0029) or in the store!! But, hurry - our monthly kits are becoming more and more popular each month!!

On a side note, after the blog was updated yesterday, we had a few of you contact us asking about Laura!!! YES...Laura is STILL here! I haven't mentioned her much lately, b/c unfortunately Laura has had some hard times occuring in her personal life. On Sunday, the 23rd of May, Laura lost her Father, very unexpectedly. With Laura being such a NEW member of our Attic Family, i didn't know how comfortable she would be with us discussing her "business" while she was away. She also had a Church Mission Trip scheduled this past week as well, so that has kept her away a little longer. She's slowly getting BACK into the swing of things around here and we're SO happy to have her back!! It's almost like she's starting ALL over again. But we wanted you to know that all is well (as well as can be expected, considering...) and you will slowly begin to see more and more of Laura as the summer continues!! Laura is REALLY looking forward to teaching some FABULOUS classes, helping to introduce us into the stamping world, and to SPICE up our CROP NIGHTS!!!