Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chirp! chirp!! Chirp! chirp!! Chirp! chirp!! Chirp!

(do you hear that?? That’s the sound of the crickets that have been chirping on this poor lil’ ol’ bloggiddity blog!) at least he's a cute lil critter!! ;)

**this is steff by the way…….DC (danelle), is enjoying her summer OFF from school, and has been SUPER busy with family events, working her OTHER job (aerobics/spinning/fitness instructor!) at the Winfield Rec., OH and bein’ a MOMMA to her girls!! (and we can't forget about Heath either!!!) So, we’ll hear from DC again soon, but for now – you’re “stuck” with ME!!! : )

As I begin this blog – it is 11:03 am…..i’m CERTAIN that this post is going to be a DOOZIE of a long one, since so much has been happening around here – so for kicks and giggles, I’m gonna post when I finish!! (this includes the uploading of the photos too!!!)

SO – HOW HAVE YOU (our loyal blog readers) been!?!? We know that you are out there…reading and watching – we’d LOVE it if you would participate…in our challenges and contests too!! DON’T BE SHY!!! There’s lots to GAIN!! Prizes, Friendships, Knowledge, Opportunities!! Sooooo, come on – post a comment every now and then….it really does help those of us that “talk to the crickets”…to KNOW that there’s someone else that’s enjoying what we’re up too around here!!

Okay – now – down to business!!.....before you read ANY FURTHER….i apologize for the picture quality of this post!! LONG (WAY LONG) story short…my iphone has been stolen :( AND my Canon Rebel has a “virus” of some sort…so I don’t have access to my “usual” means of communicating with you via pictures….so there wasn’t a lot of time taken in getting these pictures posted!!!

Many of you may (or may not) be fans of our Facebook Fan Page (this is where I can almost always be found, updating up to the SECOND happenings around here!!...well, maybe not w/I the past 2 weeks, but COME ON, been a SMIDGE bit busy!!…so I’m not real sure what you’ve seen and what you haven’t….so bare with me!! We have arrived and are getting settled into our NEW location!! We actually feel as though we’ve been here for quite some time!! The parking is AWESOME!! Whoda-thunk that PARKING would make life THAT much more enjoyable on a daily basis?!?! But it sure does!! The crop room is NICE and spacious and ORGANIZED!! It’s SO SO SO nice to know that there is a SPOT for EVERYTHING…and that when you GO THERE to get it – it’s gonna BE THERE!!!!!! We’re still working on a few other odds and ends….and you’ll probably see the changes over time as you come into the store! (there are ONLY so many hours in ONE day….i keep telling myself that….i wish our bodies didn’t need SLEEP to survive, EFFECTIVELY!)

Here’s a “ha ha” (at the time) photo of our MOVING weekend!!!

When dad said that he wanted to move the fixtures this way, I was like ‘UHHH H*LL NO!!’….i did NOT think it was a good idea…..welllll, I had to EAT MY WORDS!! We moved MOST of them over this way and lemme tell ya – it saved us SOOOOOOO much time!!! We didn’t have to search through boxes and tubs of merchandise trying to find what went where!! So a BIG OL’ bear hug to my daddy…YOU WERE RIGHT!!! We moved over Memorial Weekend…began at 6:00pm on Friday night and worked our HINEY’s off until 12:01 AM Tuesday June 1st!!! I have to say (and I’ll be the FIRST to say, I have EXTREMELY HIGH expectations of not only myself, but of our girls!)…we could NOT have worked ANY HARDER, LONGER or FASTER!! We had the Mullins’ family, Renee brought Lauren up to help for a few hours….my boys and hubby, the in-laws… was up here, we had some family friends that came and gave of their time, rocky’s highschool/campin’ buddies came with their muscles for the heavy lifting and a HUGE thank you to Jana, Deb, and Angie for the time that you “donated” to slave away up here – it was A HUGE HELP, SURPRISE and VERY much appreciated!!! We are VERY thankful for all of the time, energy and effort that everyone gave – ESPECIALLY with it being MEMORIAL WEEKEND!!! THANK YOU!!!!

SOOOOOO, here are some pics of the store – I wish I could FREEZE the store like this!! FREEZE it in it’s “purdy”, organized, clean and FULLY STOCKED state!! Kinda like when you clean your house – that first 30 minutes (or 10 for some of us!), when you get to sit back and ENJOY it!!!

SO excited to have MORE ribbon in stock now - AND there's MORE on the way!!! look how pretttty!! STILL organized by color!!!!!!!!!

I am just IN LOVE with this expedit shelf from Ikea!! It makes finding and shopping our album selection SO MUCH nicer and EASIER!!

we have LOTS more selection of our "onsies"!! charms, fabric flowers, yo' yo's, gems and jewels.....and it helps that it's really nice EYE CANDY as well! :)

We nOw have our very OWN "Tim Holtz" section!! We've never carried (nearly) ALL of his products at one time, in our store!! BUT lemme tell YOU WHAT......they are SELLin' like HOT CAKES! We've YET to keep it fully seems that there are MORE empty hooks here than ANYWHERE in the store! No worries, if you're waiting on something special to arrive, it's on it's way!! We can't get it in FAST enough and then it doesn't stay around LONG enough!! The newest arrival this week, are the tissue tapes and the embossing folders....alllll the folders are gone!! (more on the way!)

RE-inkers are ON their way! :)

Other "new-bie" items for Scrap*Funattic....COPIC markers!! We have been AMAZED and EXCITED about the response to these AWESOME beauties!!! With Angela as our "secret weapon", you CAN'T go wrong with your COPIC choice!!! (i'll be posting more later about her Copic Curiosities #1 class!!) This is just a fraction of the colors that Copic offers....we're starting off slooooow, and we'll GROW - as YOU demand!!!

These DAHHHHRling little gems are the Copic Spica Glitter Pens!! (did you know that there are 24 MORE colors available?!?!!)...we'll get them in eventually - wanna start you out slow, so that you KNOW how to use these amazing tools!!! I (honest!) have EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE COLORS IN MY PURSE!!!! they are AWESOME!!!

Our SPORTS section has MORE than DOUBLED in size!!! it's FANTASTIC!! you HAVE to check it out next time you're in!!

Sorry!! thought we'd pause for a moment and take a look at my nephews FIRST year at T-ball!!!

CALLING ALL EPSON LOVERS!! We are NO longer going to continue carrying EPSON products. This includes INK or Photo Paper! :( With the rising costs of these items, we are no longer able to offer our lower prices!! :( So - come in and get them while you can - stock up!!

NEW Zoo line from Reminisce!! SUPER fun for ALL ages!
These "new" line from DoodleBug have been SUPER hot summer items!! We're already beginning to order them a SECOND time!!! LOVE the versatility of Doodlebug - they NEVER seem to disappoint!

Some of you MIGHT remember a long while back (4 years this month!), when we FIRST opened...we carried QUITE a BIT of Prima products!! Our inventory of Prima has drastically reduced over the years, due to demand from our customers.....however, we're seeing that TURNin' around!!! Soooo, be watching for MORE FUN NEW schtuff from Prima!!

(this is where YOUR FEEDBACK and REQUESTS pay off!)

FINALLYYYYY and NEW cowboy/cowgirl line!! For the LOVE - it's been FOREVA!!! But this line is fabulous!! Samantha Walker with Creative Imaginations designed this line - and we LOVE her style!!

This is NOT the best photo - but this paper is FABULOUS!! it feels like REAL cowhide...not that I'd KNOW what that REALLY feels like ;) !!!!!!!!!!!

OMG - i'm saving the BEST for last....this line is SOOOO SUPPERRR YUMMMMYYYY!!! Wait for it.....wait for it..........are you ready?!?!.....................

Creative Imaginations "Birthday Bliss"!!!

THESE pictures do NOTHING for how FUN, BRIGHT and SPECTACULAR *we think, anyway!* this birthday line is!! it'll get re-ordered - FO SHOW!!!

If you haven’t been out yet – you need to do so this summer!!! Make time for scrapbookin’ in your life!! Don’t put it on hold, just cuz the heat is UP and activities are hustlin’ and bustlin’ – you gotta STILL make some time to do the things you love!!! ; ) Hope you enjoy these pics………I promise to dedicate more time to send updates your way via the blog….if you promise to give me a “chirp chirp”, every now and then!! ; ) .... as i'm hitting "publish post" - it's 3:02...the only break i took was to eat lunch! MAN - it takes a SUPER long time to upload the photos!!! have a great day everyone!!!

As a matter of's a little sneaky peek of TOMORROW's post!!.....


Rachel said...

of Steff that page is super cute! Thanks for the blog post :) I was missing it! I need to pick a day that you're at the store to show off my week in the life album

Nikki said...

I love it! Keep up the great work ladies. Love the new store.

KB said...
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KB said...

Well, heck I don't now how I just deleted a post but I did. We're glad that you're back. It's been a little too quite for the Attic Gals ;) Thanks for all your hard work!

Kayla Cure said...

The new store is fabulous!!! I can't imagine how busy you have all been in the last two weeks!!!

Yami said...

Steff and gang....LOVING on your new digs. Loving the new schtuff coming in...keep up the FAN-TAB-U-LOUS work!!!!

Angie Lentz said...

I am soooooooooo upset for you!!!! My phone is like a body part, having someone take it would be like loosing an arm!!!! So I have a question for ya....You said we should post comments every once in a while. So do you want us to just post comments under an old post? Will it tell you we have done so?? Anyways hope you get your body part back soon!!!LOL;);)

Lindsay said...

Love the new store! Can't wait to check out some of the new products that you have in the pics! Hopefully we will be in there on Friday!

The Curtis Family said...

Hey guys its dc! Yes, Angie we CAN see if you comment on an older post! We appreciate your loyal commenting BTW!!
Thanks Steff for filling in for me and I will be back to blogging soon, PROMISE!! It is just so hard to put this little baby down! LOVIN' Her!! Well, guys my BFF and I will be cropping at the Attic tomorrow if anyone wants to join and hopefully I will b bring home a little video of the new store to share with you all! besosbesos, dc