Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winner, Winner, Another Prize Winner!!!

did you think I was going to say CHICKEN DINNER?!??! For me it would probably be Mac and Cheese Dinner cause that is what we have a LOT of at my house. My KIDS just can't get enough! (okay well I can't either but let's keep that on the DL and I'm not talking Debbie Largen if you know what I mean!!! winkwink ;)


Do you remember last week or so when I posted that the next TWO peeps to sign up for my stitching class would win a PrIze-OLA??? Well..... I have the names of those two LUCKY ladies in my hot little hand...but FIRST I want to say that you chicas are doing a great job getting signed up to take classes at the Attic!! In fact, we have some exciting NEVER before seen classes coming your way in the next two months so tune in here for updates and don't hesitate to get signed up!! Cause class sizes are limited and they do fill up!!
On that Note-ah, my Stitches class is FUUULLLL (love it!!), how-EV-ah if you are interested in taking that class still and the date didn't work for you or *whatevs* the reason, call the store and have your name put on the waiting list because I will probably be offering it again soon---cause it is THAT great of a TECK-niQUE to know!! Also, for those out there that have done some paper stitching in your day (and for future grads of Stiches1 on Saturday!) I will be soon offering a Stitches2 class that is just FULL of new tips, tricks, and schtuff you just NEVER thought of and can't find in books or magazines!!! I don't have a date set for Stitches2 yet but if you are a BLOG STALKER you will be the first to know!!!
and as I have said ovah and ovah...if there is a technique that you are interested in or a class that you suggest we offer... POST a COMMENT!! I can't TELL ya how effective that is---we want to give you what you WANT!! You being happy with your hobby is our #1 GOAL!! How often do you hear something like that??? Feels Great Huh??!!!
Oh I AlMosT forgot my Weeeeeners!!!!
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Clark Griswald DRUMROLL!!!)
Elizabeth Rhodes
Beyonce Pettit!!!!!!
you two lucky ladies will have a special SUMTHIN at your seat the day of the class!!!
besosbesos, dc


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