Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sneaky Peeky!!

Baby Paisley met up with her NBFF (new best friend forever!!) Steffanie this weekend and brought home some SURPRISES for all of the Attic Blog Stalkers!!! Are you all out there??Stalking and checking the daily updates for the Happenings at the Attic blog?? Huh, are ya??
Cause you don't want to miss out!! Steff was able to get sooo much done while playing with Paisley! Check it...

Here ya go ladies and gents!! Are there any gents out there!??!! I hope so--a girl can dream! I am planning on making Mr. Curtis check out the attic blog so we can get the men involved too!! Cause we all knw that is what they want to do! HA!
The February Chicks in the Attic kit is being assembled as we sPeAK!! The little elves at "pink and brown HEAVEN" (as I like to refer to it) AKA Steff, Debbie, Renee, and Kristy are soo busy putting the finishing touches on the SWEEET february layouts...

oooohhh, ahhhhhhhh do you love what you see so far??? Thickers, stitching, and patterned paper---OH MY!!

sparkly foil, TULLE, and snowflake brads as faaaar as the eye can see!! and stars!! I KNOW for a fact there are some STAR lovers reading this post right!! ;) SOLD!
So I KNOW you are likey liking what you see and getting excited to have our latest kit right in time for GANZA!! I have a PRETTY new pink shopping basket that I picked up at the store a few weeks ago Just for my kiTs, which I adore btw!! If you want to see a picture of my new basket, your gonna have to leave a comment!!
***This just in....kits will be ready FEBRUARY 2nd!! and if you normally pick yours up at the attic but want them hand delivered to the Best Western just in time for CAG just call us, not the BW heehee, (316-733-0029) or email the store ( and we will have them ready for you there!! Talk about SERVICE!! I'm telling you chicas...we are here to make your scrapping experiences as STRESS free as possible!!
oh but wait there is more!! If you are a customer that normally has you kit shipped give us a call before the 2nd and we will bring it to you without the shipping charge!! AWESOME!!! so call now while you are thinking about it K?
One LAST thing for this post...if you have NOT jumped on this wonderful new bandwagon by joining the Chicks in the Attic Monthly kit club (what are you waiting for???)...follow this link and it will direct you to all of the info! You WON'T be sorry. HeidiSwipe herself DOES NOT mislead!! :) Have a great rest of the weekend and see you all very soon we hope!!
besosbesos, dc


Luv2scrap said...

Let's see it!!! Love the first post... Can't wait for more.

Scrap*Funattic said...

oh KELLI I KNEW you would ask!!!!

Luv2scrap said...

I ready for everything. It was my GOAL this year to get more involved in my scrapbooking and get it caught up. Bring it on!!!

Steffanie said...

OH MY GOOOOODNESS!! this is SO much fun!!! I am SO SUPER excited to read the blog!! (although sometimes when i would write it late at night, then go back the next day it would be a surprise to me as well!!) ha ha! :) love ya dc - you're doing a FAHHHBULOUS job!! PS - no more pics of me - k? k!!!


Scrap*Funattic said...

okay steff no more pics of ya i promise!! ;) I just HAD to get you back for posting that SUPER sexy pic of my THIGH at MM!!!!

Jana Girl said...

Blog looks great ladies!

Lindsay said...

Stars, sweet!! Can't wait for the next kits. It's like opening the perfect Christmas present every month! :)

Tiffany said...

Let's see the basket... you promised as long there was a comment!!

Annuli said...

Show Us The Basket PLEEASE!!