Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have you HEARD????

This month's TeckTastik class is .....stitching!!

Who wants to learn a new Teck-NiQue that you will use OVER and OVER at Ganza and future crops??? Then you HAVE to get signed up for the Stitching Class that your's truly will be teaching Saturday January 30th from 2-4. This is a BASIC stitching class---NO experience necessary. I am going to show you the SUPER EASY basic stitches-that only Look tricky (do you see the samples of the CUTENESS pictured above??) and give you some ideas to JUMP START your creativity (for those of you who DO have the basic stitches down---you will learn something new as well)!! So if you are feeling a little in a FUNK and need some FReSH air blown through your crop space OR have this month's technique on your list of things to learn in 2010.... then call now (316-733-0029) to get on the list. The cost is only $22 and you will come away with at LEAST 4 layouts/projects to show for it along with some extra goodies to use on future layouts!! Not to mention a NEW teck-nique that you will go to time after time--PROMISE!!
When I am stitching on my layouts at crops I have CounTLESS people coming up to inquire about this technique (so I know the interest is out there!!) because it is soo pretty and just adds so much using things most of us already have in our STASH!! Making it VERY cost effective too- you GOTTA love that!!!


I HATE to rush you but the class is a week from Saturday and there are only a FEW spots left! Let's keep filling this and ALL of our classes (we keep 'em small so you have LOTS of 1 on 1 with our instructors!!). I plan to bring you a new technique each month in my Teck-Tastik class so COME, BRING a FRIEND, and you will get to help me decide ideas to bring to you in the coming months.


This would also be a great time to put a FACE to all of this EnERGETIC blogging and to give me your feedback!!!

***PPPSSS if you are reading this...the first TWO CHICA Mama's who call, pay over the phone, and get signed up will receive a FANTASTIC Prize!!!! Can't beat that with a bottle of Stickles now can ya??????
Oh and on that note we have many GREAT prizes to give away this week to gear up for Ganza so stay tuned for challenges and random drawings for those who cOmMenT!!! So plllleeeeeaaaase join in the fun!!! I want to hear who all is out there reading my NOISE!!!

besosbesos, dc

Soooo, get excited and come out and support our sweet LSS by signing up for your FAVORITE classes today. The more you all sign up---the more we will OFFER!!! and Let's face it LADIES, all of our layouts can benefit from the enlightenment of a NEW idea!!! Make it your RESOLUTION to take some classes in 2010, step outside the box, and BE INSPIRED by others!! Ahhh sounds so good to me!!


Loni said...

I so wish I didn't live an hour away!

Tiffany said...

I have my kids that weekend, so I can't make it that weekend. BOOO!

Luv2scrap said...

I love the stitching, but I won't be able to make the class. Maybe I can get some tips at CAG!!!!

Scrap*Funattic said...

Next time girls!! Kel--you KNOW I will have some layouts for us to do our "mini classes" for our group!!! I take care of my girls!!

Luv2scrap said...

Rock on!!!