Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey everyone!!! (steff here!)...never thought id have to say that first - but SOMEHOW people are thinking that Danelle and I are one in the same?!! I never thought i'd find someone as CRAZY as myself! HA!!! (love you!!!)

Those of you that are going to Ganza - Sunday is the LAST DAY TO order your ganza shirts. We will have a small amount of shirts there in case you change your mind after you arrive - but you WANT to order it now to BE SURE you get yours!! It's SUPER cute and the "logo" of the shirt looks JUST like our very own STARBUX ....scrapbooking logo!! I LOVE IT!!!

Short Sleeves are $16.00 for Small-XL and $18.00 for 2XL-6XL....Long Sleeve are $22.00 for Small-XL and $24.00 for 2XL and Sweatshirts (with hoodies) are $29.00 Small - 2XL

NOTE: the actual shirt is a lighter baby pink with BROWN writing!!

You can call and order your shirt through the store 316-733-0029 OR you can email me and i'll have it for you when you arrive!!!

***we're having a BIG sale this weekend!! I have to go to Austin, Texas for a funeral, so the girls will be running the show!! Go easy on them!! 20% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE!!! NO EXCLUSIONS!! and we ARE punching your punch cards too!!! :) PLUS - win what you spend!! Friday and Saturday only - this weekend!! Come shopping!!

i'll be checking email, so if you have any questions or suggestions regarding ganza, please drop me an email - or the girls will be happy to help you out at the store!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MY GIRLS!! I can't tell you HOW lucky mom and i are to have such fantastic, WONDERFUL girls!!! There's no price to put on these girls!! It's awesome to be able to leave town (mom on a vaca and me unexpectedly), and have NO WORRIES whatsoever!!! Love you ladies!! (dc this includes you too!)

okay - DC - i'm turning it back over to you!!


Scrap*Funattic said...

Thanks Steff!! Have a safe trip and we'll hold down "LE FORT" while you are gone!!

ps who? me? crazy?!?!? NAAAHH!!!