Monday, January 18, 2010

My Mind's Eye

Hola chicas!! Did I MENTION I was a Spanish teacher??? Well, that is my REAL job of course but my PASSION is our hobby and I am here to give you sooooo many updates on all of the BOOO-TIFUL new products in the store!! YAY!! If you are like me and don't live in town and can't get to the store as often as you would like (and you girls that can are so lucky-do you REALIZE??) I am gonna be on here CoNsTanTly to give you updates on all of the things we just have to make the trip for-- cause we just HAVE to have them!!!
First up......My MINd's EyE!!! One of my Fave lines of patterned paper and other fun embellies! I am sure you have seen some of this stuff cause it is ALWAYS front and center in the store cause it is HOT!! It flies off the shelves (I get my hands on as much as I can *Just ask my HUBS* because it WILL sell out!!). The colors are the TRENDIEST and the texture is like linen. So girls get your feelers out!!!
Of course the paisley's were a MUST HAVE for me! But CHECK out those colors! I told you they were trendy!! FUN pinks and reds mixed with the steel blue that is ALL the rage in our FaVE magazines right now!! And the {hearts} and birds...ahhhhhhhhh!! and if you are taking my stitches class at the end of the month (more on that late-a) we are using the red birdie paper in one of our FOUR layouts!!!

And why, by the way are clouds soooo STINKIN cute to me???!?? Put a cloud on it and it's going on a layout in my book!

In other news, I have just spoken with my organizational GURU and we have something SUPER sweet planned for this weekend!! Stay tuned for some great ideas to coming in SOON via this site's FIRST web-blog!! It is going to be sooo cool, so keep checking in with us for more DETAILS!!
and if you have an idea to contribute to the blog email me @ !!!!!
Well, I better run cause I have SCRAP to do!!!!
besos, dc


Lan said...

So cool, I love seeing what's new so I can start making my list of wants. Especially since my visits to the store are timed when I don't have the kids with me. :)