Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sing it with MEEEE!!!

All MY Bags are Packed I'm ready to go...I waiting here outside your door...I hate to wake you up to say GOODBYEEEE!!! So kiss me and smile for me...tell me that you'll wait for me...Cause I'm LeeeeVIN for CropAGanza...don't know if I'll be back again!!!

doesn't that sound great to all of my fella (not fellow--get it HA!) Ganza goers!!??!! Ready YES but packed, I am not!! It will be Thursday night before I finish getting everything together...and BELIEVE it or NOT... I am planning on bringing LESS than normal. Is it because Alicia's blogcasts have gotten me sooo inspired to get organized?!?!? Who knows!! What I do KNOW is that I am coming with all of my latest Chicks in the Attic Kits that are sooo ready to be cropped.
So those LOVER-LEES alone are saving me TIME and SPACE! Sooooo come by to say hi and check out my area this weekend and see if I am, in fact, giving my bestie L.Fox her equal share of table space!!!!
Here we are at our last cropping ADVENTURE in October!!!
This is my COLORFUL Crop Space!!! Sometimes I clean up my area in between layouts...sometimes not!!! I tend to get my creative juices flowing and REFUSE to stop for ANYTHING!!!!

I am HAPPY to not be PREGGERS this Ganza...but I will be missing my girlies a TON!! Word on the street is that mr. curtis MAY bring them up to say hi to their momma!! He is worried that they will be too much of a distraction on my weekend away though...HOW SWEET!!

Lindsay is working hard on her layout here!! Do you notice that our layouts are VERY similar?? That is because we find an idea we both like and each do similar layouts of events that we have attended! Now I am sure some of you are saying WHAT??? They do layouts together?!?! It's OUR deal and it is fun for us!! We have been doing this since Lindsay starting cropping last CAG at this time and we look forward to those layouts every time. I think we are able to bond even more that way!!!

Now, it's your turn....Please tell me a little about your Scrapping Habits: What is your crop space like? MESSY? CLEAN? A Little of both? Do you refresh and reorganize between each layout or just roll with it? What are some of the "Traditions" or SPECIAL things you like to do each crop with your BFFs?


Lindsay said...

oh jeez... definitely not some of my best pics here, but thanks for the shout out! :) I can't wait to go, but my bags definitely ARE NOT packed yet. I'm sad that I won't be able to get there until late Friday night. :( I guess I'll just have to stay up for 2 days straight to make up for it!
P.S.- I'm a messy scrapper myself and I think I learned that from dc!! Between the two of us, we usually have quite the mess to clean up!! T-minus 3 days til the fun begins my friend!

Luv2scrap said...

I put everything away between pages, but it can get messy while working on the one space. The one thing I have learned is that I need one of those 12 x 24 mats, but I haven't found one yet.

The Curtis Family said...

Kelli---Just call the store and have them order a mat for you. you might call and check to see if they are in stock and they will bring it to CAG!! Those things are WONDERFUL and only $20!!

Tiffany said...

Luv2scrap - if you are referring to that black mat that is shown in Danelle's work space...Scrap*Funattic carries them and as of last Saturday, they had at least one in stock! Give them a shout out today.

I love mine, I don't leave home without it!

michellep said...

Hey DC! I just wanted to say that I LOVE what you are doing with the blog. Don't get me wrong.....Steff was ok. But you have bumped it up a notch. It makes me wish I was going to CAG! So thanks for all you've done!

dacspace said...

I am most definitely a messy scrapper! I work best in organized chaos! ;)
Thanks for posting the pix of your crop space! I never thought of bringing my button jar until I saw yours sitting there (duh me!) and I am definitely going to move my ribbon mess to another jar I have... great idea!

Kayla Cure said...

Oh man!!! Do you really get a window to look out as you scrap?? I have two card tables and a wall...and usually an 18 month old and a 3 year old wanting to "help!" LOL!!!

Sorry I had to ditch out of your stitch class...I was the "sick" girl that could barely keep my focus last weekend :( A small town restaurant we took my dad to for his 60th served a side of grease with their food. Yuck! I love to stitch on my pages too :)