Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sorry if you have been feeling a little NEGLECTED the past few days, my BEAUTY-FUL blog followers.  So as a SPECIAL treat, you get TWO posts from me in ONE DAY!!!!  WHOOPEE!!  I am feeling so grateful with the AMAZING response we have received on youtube!!!!  We have over 2,100 hits so far and have only posted a handful of videos!!!  The word is getting out there....the Attic girls ROCK!!!!!  And when I say "Attic Girls" I am refering to ALL of you---not just those of us lucky enough to work here!!!!

And not only is the Second post a special treat, it is your 5th Organizational Video w/ Alicia!!!

This past Friday night we were invited to crop in Kathy Johnson's awesome scrapbooking hideaway so we decided to film our weekly vid there to mix it up because Alicia has personally helped to get it organized!! We hope you LOVE it!! We were having some fun times that night!! ;)  besosbesos, dc


aday said...

If you ladies have any quesitons about what you saw on this video fire away!!