Sunday, February 28, 2010

Organization with Alicia Day!!

Yes!!!  We are HERE and trying to get this week's organizational vid uploaded!!  We went over Youtube's 10 minute time limit by about a minute and a half so I am online trying to figure out how to break it down into 2 vids to get it up here FOR YOU!!!  If any of you know an easy way to do something like that please call me (620-222-2300) and help me out.  if not it may be tomorrow before we get our weekly Alicia fix {til I can have the kids at school help me!!-they are techno wizzes, as those of you with high schoolers probably know!}  So please HANG ON for me and I will get it figured out soon (I am a scrapbooker and blogger--not so much the tech-y type!)!!  besosbesos, dc