Sunday, February 7, 2010

CAG Spotlight #4 and Organizational Update!!

Sharla you didn't think I would forget you did I?!?! I am soo sorry it has taken me all day to post this!! Ladies...I want to introduce you to SHARLA BOYD!!! Sharla was our CAG Partylite Candle and 2 Sisters Gourmet rep this weekend!! and she is the NICEST!! Here are the questions she answered for me today....

  • This is her 2nd year of cropping at GaNzA but her FIRST year to be a vendor for us!
  • She completed 13 layouts as of the time of our interview...not as many as last year but great considering the fact that she was a working woman this weekend!!
  • Her "GO TO" products while cropping are glue dots and she LOVES her Glue Glider (a CAG discovery!!)
  • She has been scrapbooking for 7 or 8 years when her friend Dawn Hungate got her started at a Creative Memories party! Way to go Dawn!
  • Sharla and her family live in Bel Aire
  • and the MILLION $$$ Question...if you could do ONE thing in 2010, what would it be???

her answer... "Lose the 30 pounds I have left over from pregnancy with my son Gabe."

You can do it girl!! It was great meeting you and I LOVED how excited you were with your prize!! PRICELESS!!

ANNNNDDDD a couple more announcements....

Thanks to all of you BLOGSTALKERS out there! Your comments kept me rolling along and we are sooo glad you are all enjoying all of the new things the blog has for you!!! There are MANY inspiring things still to come so stay posted and get your friends involved!! The more the BETTAH!!!

A BIG thank you goes out to our awesome Vendors both new and returning. GREAT job! Also the biggest thanks of all goes to you aour CROPPERS!! We hope you are feeling INSPIRED (not too tired!) and ready to scrap 2010 away with us!! You are truly the BESTEST (me spell check LOVES this word!) and none of this would be possible without your support!! MUUUAAAAHHH!

In case you are a WONDERIN' stay tuned to FB and the bloggity for info on our September CAG registration coming in April. You won't want to miss out on the fun! CROP AND ROLL!!! Rush out now and get yourself a pair of Shandra Hatfield's ROCKIN guitar sunglasses at Party City!

...if you are diligently checking for our weekly Organizational WebCast with Alicia Day...have no fear...I have it in my hot little hand...BUT you are gonna have to wait ONE MORE DAY for it cause I am off to unpack, snuggle with my little girlies, and pray for a SNOW DAY tomorrow!!

besosbesos, d-to-the-c


The McIntyre Family said...

I know Sharla...have been to a couple of her candle parties, she does a awesome job!

Just catching up...wish I would have been able to get on here and check it out earlier this weekend. Looks like you guys had a blast, would love to be able to go sometime.

Also, did I hear it right in the video that L. Fox is from BP?


Scrap*Funattic said...

Yep Sara Lindsay Fox and I both TEACH in Belle Plaine!! Are you from BP? I have TWO McIntyre's in class!!!

Angie Lentz said...

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful CAG. The vendors were AWSOME,the new friends I have are AWSOME, and everyone at scrapfunattic did a wonderful job!! Thanks for a wonderful time!!

The McIntyre Family said...

What a small world! I live in the country and actually have a Wellington address, but my school district is BP and I was actually a Para in the elem. school a few years before my daughter. What McIntyre's do you have in class?