Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday Goodness!!!

FIRST and FOREMOST, I want to Thank all of you for the birthday wishes on the blog and facebook yesterday!  Wow, was I FEELIN the love!!  And to Steff especially for that wonderful post in honor of my special day.  I will say that some of those pics I hadn't seen before and didn't necessarily LOVE but the words MELTED my{heart} and I am soo blessed that I have been given this opportunity in life to meet so many AWESOME, energetic, and creative women that all share my PASSION (well, maybe not to the extreme I do!!) for our hobby!!!

Secondly, to my  She is soooo super busy right now teaching, coaching, and planning a wedding (among many other things) but she still found time to stop at the Attic and have the "angels" there (since it issss scrapbook heaven!!!!) help her pick out a few of the latest and greatest!!  Since, with me, even if I haven't used it I am ALL about trying and OWNING the NEW stuff.  What about you???  Do you LOVE to try the newest things or do you stick with what you know works for you?

Lookie Lookie at my AWESOME presents!!!  Comfy slippers for cropping---I LOVE my leopard ones but they are about to wear out so be on the look out for these to make their debut at a crop near YOU!!!

3 colors of Smooch Spritz!!!  Cherry Ice, Vanilla Shimmer, and Gold Glow.  These things are soo pretty to look at and play with----just in the bottle alone, I can't WAIT to see what they do to my paper!!  Theses photos don't do the Spritz' justice---you HAVE to go to the Attic and see them for yourself!!  They come in glass containers and are sooo super SHIMMERY!!!! I had them on my desk and played with the bottles all day!!

I am a dork for pretty things!!!
follow this link to read all about them  but buy them at the ATTIC of course!!!  Think glimmer mist with MORE GLIMMER!!!  You can't have too much glimmer in you life!!  I am thinking of doing a SMOOCH Teck-Tastik class soo so lmk (or call the store) if you are interested in learning some new/fun/funky fresh techniques with these!!

They are coordinated to go with smooch inks  which are pearl-ized inks you can apply in pretty fine detail.  If you haven't checked these out be sure and do that too!! 

And last but not least, A COLOR Catcher.  I have been eyeing these since i first heard about them.... and I used Angie L.'s all weekend at CAG so I needed my own for sure!!  If you are a mister, {not like a husband, but a person who uses "mists"----heehee!!}these are great boxes that you can use to spray your project without  making a mess of your crop space (I also plan to use mine to keep my spray adhesive at bay)!!  Cool huh?!?!  I am thinking you could even spray paint or cover the outside with patterned paper to make it unique to you!!!  
 To read more info on the color catcher click here

I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my bday!!  Thanks girls for picking out things you KNEW I would like!!  And couple more tips for you that I have used SEVERAL times..

If you are looking for a gift for a special crafter in you life but don't know what to get her...
  1. GO TO THE STORE!!  I give Kristy and Renee an idea of what I am looking for (ie new patterned paper, a fun blank project, the newest tool/organizational product, something functional, or maybe just something FUN!!) and they take me STRAIGHT to what I am looking for!! and offer me several products to choose from that fit my needs!!
2. Have them look up the product for you if you aren't sure if your friend has it or not.  For example, for Christmas for my Karagirl I wanted to get her a TINY ATTACHER but I wasn't sure if she had one or not.  I had Steff look up her name and she hadn't ever purchased one!!  PERFECT!!  So convienient--I have used this trick several times cause I HATE to get someone something they have and I don't always go the gift certificate route.  I also think this is perfect for your hubby or family member wanting to pick out a personal gift.  Just send them to the store and let the girls suggest a few things you don't have and let them pick!!  That way it is still a surprise---but one you will LOVE!!! 

3.  Finally, sometimes I DO go the giftcard route (especially as a Thank you--I did this for my baby shower hostesses, even if it is just $10, trust me, every crafter LOVES to get a surprise of the pink envelope!!) and I will mix that with a little something--Like a STAR punch (lfox!) or 3 stickles tied with ribbon!  Just think of the HUG you are getting for that one!!!  Oh and don't forget---MAKE your own card using will save $$$ and the recipient will most likely treasure it for years to come!!!  I NEVER throw away a homemade card!
besosbesos, dc