Saturday, February 6, 2010

Featured Blogger #2

We drew the next lucky interview-eee and it was NONE other than our very own Attic AssMAN's Momma PAULA NULL!!!! So heeeere's a little on her.............................

  • she has been cropping for ABOUT 6 months
  • this is her FIRST Ganza (What are the odds I draw 2 firsties in a row?!?!)
  • She has gotten 7 pages done so far but is a self proclaimed PERFECTIONISTA and is "ripping them apart" and redoing them cause they aren't good enough she says!!!
  • She is sitting at a ROUND table!! and liking her space
  • her favorite subjects to scrapbook are her GRANDBABIES!!!
  • and the BIG QUESTION....If her house was A-BLAZIN...what would she grab first scrapbooking wise????? She chose her cool black and silver Cricut Expression and her laptop!!!
  • She is an SCAL GAL!!!!

Thanks for the SKINNY Paula. You are a PEACH!!!!!

besosbesos, dc


Angie Lentz said...

I think its great that you are including everyone in the blog!!! Keep up the good work!!