Saturday, February 13, 2010


WHOOOO!!! WOOOWWEEEE!! What a whirlwind of a weekend!! :)
I FINALLY JUST NOW had time to sit and watch the video and read all of DC's posts - that girl ROCKS!! I truely LOVE HER.....LOVERLY her LONG time! ;) I'm SOOOO glad that GOD and SCRAPBOOKING brought her into MY (our!) lives!!! aren't you!?! THIS is how the blog was MEANT to be allllll along!! THIS is how i envisioned the blog being for YOU, allllll this time - there just aren't enough HOURS, IDEAS or ENERGY in MY day to make it happen - I will FOREVER be in debt to you my DC!!I love you to BITS!! :) (remember the HUG that IIIII initiated!!!) ;;;;;)

Okay - so - let me give you a quick run down of the weekend - from MY point of view!!

*MIGHT have been the best one yet!?!? Do we say that every time?!?! I think we do - but HOPEFULLY it just keeps getting better!! (although MISSY - we have NOT gotten an email from you YET, so i'm not sure now!?!?) The emails, phone calls and comments on facebook and here are SOOOOO very much appreciated!!! It's so hard to KNOW if you're enjoying yourself, having a good time, accomplishing a lot, etc - especially when there are 200 women in the room- so it's GREAT to get feedback!!!

YES, we have addressed the wireless Internet issues with the hotel, they were having "technical difficulties" - NOT something that is permanent - things are fine now!!

Snacks - whatd you think!?!? I think it went well - we had nothing left over (always a good sign!) Soda - had some left over - will re-evaluate the amount of Pepsi vs. Diet DP next time!!

MORE chips for nachos next time too!!!! But - the jalapenos lasted ALL WEEKEND LONG!! (although with more chips they probably would not have!)

I missed almost ALL the games this time for some reason!??! Kate always did them when I was gone, making a run to the store, or busy doing other getting an IMPORTANT MUST HAVE massage from JULIE and TamERA!! I'm SO excited - i actually treated myself to a massage AND a pedicure this weekend - first time for THAT!!

We did have a few minor little "oopsies", but nothing that we couldn't handle - and i think everyone was understanding and cooperative of it! All of our vendors were awesome!! Seriously- i think this might have been the best one yet!! It's so nice to have so many fun and DIFFERENT vendors!! It's nice to take a break from doing your favorite thing, to stop and do your OTHER favorite thing - if you know what i mean?!?!

Here is a picture of one of the winners of our Altered Challenge!!! Chollet's LOVE block(s) are ADORABLE! LOVE THEM!!

And, now a time for a long list of Thank You's!! (before i even begin, i'm SURE i will forget a LOT of people, i've had a running list in my mind alllll weekend long, and i'm cursing myself now for not writing it down.)!!

*YOU!! For making it allllll worth it!! Whether this was your first Ganza, 8th Ganza, never been to Ganza, would like to go to Ganza, couldn't go to Ganza, matter WHO you are - thank you FOR being there!! For the NEED for this type of event, it takes YOU!! And we are SO thankful for that!!!

*My Girls!! Renee, Krusty, DL, Smyers, Kate and Dana!! There is NO WAY on this EARTH that we could make this all happen without your help!! ALL of us together bring our own piece of the puzzle, and it wouldn't be complete without YOU!! Renee and DL for holding down the fort while we're "slaving' away at cag!" ;) Thank you for coming up in the evening to mingle, help out and give us a break for a little bit!! Thank you for coming up with the CAG theme this time, the shirt design, helping with the Raffle ideas (keeping me in check!), helping with the table tents (krusty!), for bringing your kids up late into the night on Thursday to help finish set up!! Thank you for spending your entire weekend exclusively with Crop*A*Ganza!! Kate - you re the best - there is NO way CAG would be as much fun as it is without YOU! REALLY!! (not that i have to convince you of that!)...but really - to get up there time and time again, and sometimes not always get the reaction or energy that you're hoping for - is hard!! And you do it over and over again!! I SINCERELY LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you!!! Dana - you are an ANGEL sent from heaven!! (i can soooo see her eyes rolling now!)....but seriously - Dana - if you weren't there to call "may day" to time and time again - I might need to be heavily medicated during these events!! You re always so calm, cool and collected, and you ALWAYS accomplish every mission PERFECTLY!!! Everything from the temperature in the room, electrical issues, FOOD runner, ICE!! You're the best!! THANK YOU!!!

To my wonderful Hubby - words can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are awesome!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Danelle - thank you SO much for all your blogging and interviewing - i know that you were there for YOURSELF this weekend, and that's one of the things that makes you soooo good at what you do - you LOVE scrapbooking.....and Lfox, your sidekick - we love you too, thanks for being YOU!

Our next Ganza Event is scheduled for September 10-12th!! Registration opens SATURDAY APRIL 3rd!! (yes, we realize that THIS is Easter Weekend....we do take registration over the phone if you're out of town!) It is my GOAL to have the registration form up on the website, blog and in the store by March 1st!! HOLD ME TO IT!!!

OH - for those that were wanting the recipe for Jana's yummy mix here it is!!
1 Box Reese's cereal
1 box chocolate Chex
1 box corn Chex
1 bag peanut butter chips
1 bag Reese's pieces
pretzels (optional)


Tiffany said...

Love the "new do"! Ganza was great, I say that it was the best one yet also. I hope to keep saying it, although I am not sure how to make it better. Keep up all the good work ladies!!

Angie Lentz said...

I thought I was on the wrong page when I first got on. It looks great!! I know I haven't been to CAG before but I have to say it is one of the best crops I have been to. Thanks for all of your hard work girls!!

Scrap*Funattic said...

Steff you are the BEST!!! (this is dc btw girls!) You are just the BEST at making me feel loved and appreciated!! and the HUG...well, what can I say??? MINDBLOWING!! ;)

oh and I had some help with the little "bloglift!!" More on that later!! Thanks Tiff and Angie for being loyal commenters!! LOVE IT!!