Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ganza Spotlight on Amy Schroeder

I can't TELL you guys how much I LOVE my BLOGGING jobby job and this weekend has even made that LOVE more LOVER-LY because I have met the NICEST people to interview!!! Seriously I feel soo LUCKY to be meeting such WONDERFUL women!!!

This time KATIE drew Amy's name and she graciously agreed to let me question her!! We discovered we are fellow teachers so we had a TON to talk about!!! This is what she told me.....

  • she is still in the "Learning Stages" of scrapbooking
  • this is her ONE YEAR Anniversary (just like the L.FOX!!) of croppin!! GANZA last year was her FIRST experience!!
  • Her good friend and hairdresser Kris Hopson (they have been friends for 27 years!!) got her Hooked!
  • right now her scrapbooking MUSE is her MoM and her next project will be the cruise she and Kris are taking in March--LUCKY!!
  • She has gotten 2 Layouts done this weekend and her favorite tools have been her CM Curvy Cutter and BLING!!!! NICE!!
  • And her MILLION $$$ Question...what would she do if she had UNLIMITED amounts of time and money.... her answer "READ for pleasure on the beach somewhere in the Carribean!!" Sounds good to me girl!!!

It was sooo nice to meet you! Welcome to our WORLD!

Did you see her picture above?!?!? She is holding up her PRIZE Winning "Team Attic" sweatshirt donated by Sisterhood of Scrapbooking!! I am JEALOUS of that one!!!


scamp said...

thanks for taking the time to "fix" my issues! Keep up the blog-o-rama

scamp said...

love a curvy