Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Mats???

Were you a WONDERIN' what mats we are talking about in the last post??? It is the 17"x 23" self healing mat by Making Memories. I LOVE this sucker and don't go to a crop without it! I put it on my spot and it serves sooo many purposes. First if you know me I LOVE me some Distress Inks!!! so if I make a mess I have my mat to protect my table and I just wipe it clean with a Clorox or baby wipe as needed. I also PAINT on it and the laytex paints I use come right off! I promise you I am HARD on this guy and it looks brand spankin new!! I also REALLY love that it is self-healing and I don't have to stop to get out a mat to pierce, eyelet, or cut ANYTHING!! So handy and time saving! Did I mention the grid pattern??? This thing is sectioned off in 1/2 inch squares so I RARELY need a ruler or straight edge. I can line everything up right on the mat.

I ordered one of these AWESOME mats last year without even checking the price (don't tell my MISTER!!). And MUCH to my happiness it was only $19.99!!! WHAT!?!? NO WAY! I seriously was expecting it to cost $39.99 and DEFINITELY would have paid that much for it. How often does that happen!?!?! Something is sooo much cheaper than you think it is worth. Talk about one of my BEST purchases of 2009!! We DON'T have any in stock right now but CALL the store if you want one and you should be able to get it in about a week! You'll LOVE it!


Scrap*Funattic said...

hey DC - i just ordered 6 of them, so we'll have some next week! :)

Sharon said...

I will be calling in the morning. I want one! Wish I was going this weekend with you all!

Lindsay said...

I do have to say that the mats make you look pretty official!