Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh say can you seeeeee........!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! We hope that you have a wonderful, safe holiday and enjoy and CAPTURE every moment!!!

We ARE closed today (at the store)!!!

Wanted to take a minute to post a few things that i FORGOT to post thursday.

Last week's challenge was about photo storage/organization!! I received several FABULOUS tips, ideas and information!! i promised i'd be picking a winner at random.....drum roll......the winner is HEATHER ALLEN!! Congratulations Heather!!! Just lmk if you'd like for me to mail you your PRIZE, pick it up at the store OR i can send it with Danelle next week when she's in!!!

ANDDDD, i feel like SUCH a heel!! I totally THOUGHT i had posted monday's "challenge" on here....NOPE!! just FACEBOOK!! (oooopsies!) sorry!! Sooooooo, this week we're gonna repeat - CUZ i wanna see those layouts!! Okay - here it is.....i want you to think back to your FIRST scrapbook - wayyyy back to those first pages, you know the ones.....the ones that you dread looking at because you couldn't believe you did THAT to your can't believe that you used THOSE prints together?!?! you know the ones.....i want to see em!! I want to have a post next week with some of your LEAST favorite pages!!! Trust me - we alllll have them!!! I will choose a winner (at random, NOT the WORST page!)'s what you need to do - either take a photo and email it to me, scan it and email it to me, post it on YOUR facebook page - (make sure you "share" it with me!), or add it to your own blog (emailing me the link of course!) or bring it in to the store!! COME ON - i wanna have a TON to post next week!!! Be proud of those old pages,,,,i love to look at mine (as painful as it may be) to see how far i've come, both in my photography, creativity and journaling!!! So - share them with us!!! The deadline to get them entered is SUNDAY JULY 12th!!!

AND as our OFFICIAL guinea pig - danelle picked up the challenge from facebook last week and posted it on her blog - here's what i'm talkin' ABOUT!

We DID get some new stuff in last week....THREE new SLICE design cards!! "Calendar" "Essential Fonts" and "ohhhh, i can't remember what the last one was font!!"??!!! ALSO - DANELLEEEEE, we got the INVISIBLE ALPHA's in!! No worries - i'm holding one for you!!! I also ordered some cute (not new new, but new to us) "boy" embellishments.....some of the Just Chillin' line from Making Memories, and some AWESOME new Sports Paper!!! I can't WAIT to get to cleaning and re-organizing this week!!! Look out!

Also - you've heard us RAVE about Maple Memories....well, we have a group that's needing help filling their weekend!!! Take a look!

Dear Fellow Scrapbookers,

I am making the final arrangements for our stay at Maple Memories in McPherson. We can arrive anytime after 4:00p.m.on Thursday, July 23rd and we will be leaving by 4:00p.m.on Sunday, July 26th. Here is some information that I wanted to pass along. If you have any questions, please contact me at 316-214-1706 or by e-mail at HYPERLINK ""

We are officially naming this weekend: Scrappers Gone Wild – Do It Again!!
The cost for the weekend is $155. This includes 5ft of scrapbooking space, a bed for sleeping (if you sleep), meals listed below, a few snacks, and a wonderfully cool t-shirt. This is going to be another great weekend and I’m looking forward to all of us getting together again!

I need to collect the $155 by Friday, June 12th so that I can make the final payment on time. For those that have already paid the $25 deposit the final amount due is $130. Please mail the payment to me at the following address: Gina Carnley 12225 Troon Ct Wichita, KS 67206 Enclosed with your payment please tell me what type of Bagel, Cream Cheese, and Pizza you like, and I also need to know your shirt size, plus if you like V-neck or scoop (normal t-shirt type).

Meals: We have decided to have some of the meals at the house to increase the amount of time we have to scrapbook and some on your own/with others so you can enjoy the wonderful eateries and shops in McPherson.

Thursday Dinner: Not included (on your own) Since everyone will be arriving at different times.
Friday Breakfast: Panera Bagels with Cream Cheese and Fruit
Friday Lunch: Not included (on your own) Recommend Courtyard Deli
Friday Dinner: Lasagna, Salad, and Garlic Bread with Sundae Bar for Dessert
Saturday Breakfast: Not included (on your own) Recommend Neighbors Cafe
Saturday Lunch: Not included (on your own) Time to Shop and Eat
Saturday Dinner: Pizza with Ice Cream and Brownies for Dessert
Sunday Breakfast: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and Fruit
Sunday Lunch: Not included (on your own)

Directions: From I-135, take the McPherson Exit (Exit 60). Go West on Kansas Ave (this is what you come in on) for approx 2.5 miles until you reach Maple Street (Maple is one block west of Main Street). Go South on Maple for 2 blocks. Maple Memories in on the SW corner of Maple and Southerland. The address is: 300 S Maple.

Parking: There are a limited number of parking spaces available at the rear of the house, so they have asked that you carpool when possible. There is a ramp going from the parking area to the back door, making this the easiest place to load/unload your supplies (no steps to deal with).

Phones: There is currently no telephone available at the house due to the increase in cell phone usage. If you aren't bringing a cell phone with you, you may give your family my number 316-214-1706 if they need to reach you. In case of an emergency and there is no answer, they may contact the owner of Maple Memories directly at 620-480-1357.

What you will need to bring: Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are provided. Blankets are provided, but if you are often cold you may want to consider bringing an extra one. Toiletries including soap, shampoo, and conditioner. CD’s and/or DVD’s and IPOD. Your "stuff" for scrapbooking (or quilting, or whatever you are planning on doing!). Please bring all the drinks you want for the weekend soda, water, coffee, tea, and anything you might need to spike those drinks!!! Also bring one snack to share and if you can coordinate within your group, then we won’t have all the same snacks.
NO SMOKING is allowed in the house--UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Please smoke outside, but do not throw butts on the ground or on any porches.

Gina currently has FIVE spots remaining to fill her weekend!! If you've been to MM before you know that this means they will all have to pay MORE $$ in order to fulfill their obligation to - if you're FREE and would like to ENJOY a peaceful, fun, relaxing weekend - give Gina a call!!! (she did want me to let you know, also, that if you can only stay FRIDAY - SUNDAY that the cost would only be $130.00!)