Wednesday, July 22, 2009


okay - so i know that i've been teasing you about our new "venture" for quite some time now - and i KNOW that some of you are SO SUPER excited, and i am SO SUPER EXCITED that you're SO SUPER EXCITED!! Now that the excitement is SO SUPER DUPER i wanna keep it up there!!!!! :)

So - finally - here it is!!

We are starting a Nationwide KIT CLUB!!!!

HUH!? Really?!?!


We have teamed up with Two Chicks Designs and together have created a monthly kit club that we are launching RIGHT NOW!! Now - if you're not a kit person, this is probably not exciting news to you - but hold the phone guys - here's a confession i must make: I'M NOT A KIT PERSON EITHER!!!!! It's a true story!!! But - we have been doing a little research online and on some message boards and hearing a lot of "chatter" about the good and the bad of kit clubs and we're trying to combine the good with our "attic" personality to create the perfect kit club!

Chicks in the Attic is the name of our monthly kit club, and we are SO excited - SERiouSLY soooo excited!! This is going to give us the opportunity to branch outside of our comfort zone, and meet some great new people from different parts of the country!! This will also help to open the door for our online sales!!!!!!

We are still a work in progress, so be patient with us - but we've been working REALLY long and hard to get this up and running by August 1st!! But here's the "411" on the specifics of the kit club!! (you can also check out the website for all the info too!!) But - basically you have FOUR options each month!! You can purchase the kit for a month at a time and pick it up here at the store (for those of you that live locally) can purchase the kit for a month and have it delivered to your house!! You can also purchase a 6 month subscription for a discounted rate as well! (AND if you sign up for the 6 month subscription you get a FREE shirt from Two Chicks!) Each month there will be a NEW Shirt for the Kit Club Members as well!! (see how we're COMBINING the apparel with the product!)

WHATS IN THE KIT you ask?!?! Well each month it will be different!! We didn't want to be "tied" into the same amount of items each month!! But you will DEFINITELY get your money's worth!!! You will always receive enough product to complete AT LEAST SIX PAGES...whether they are double pages or single pages! AND - we will show you what to do with your scraps!!! Seriously how often do you receive a kit - throw your pictures in the sack - throw it in your crop bag and be completely prepared?!?! You will receive COLOR photos of the layouts that we have made for EXAMPLES - you don't have to lift our layouts, but they are there to help guide you - if you need it!!

We are going to include NEW and FUN products on the market - but also your old TRIED AND TRUE products as well!!! We will not include anything in your kit that you will not know what to do with!! If we include a transparency - we will show you how to use it!! For those of you that shop here locally with us......we are going to be making our kits with some products that we do NOT carry in the store!!!! Giving you, yet another, option!!!

SO there you have it - that's the big news, we are SUPER EXCITED and hope that this will be something for everyone!!! IF you are one of the first 50 people to order ONLINE your kit will ship out on August 1st!!! Our scheduled ship date for the August kit is August 10th! Beginning in September your kits will ship the first MONDAY of the month! This will allow you to PLAN for their arrival!! PLAN to have someone there to pick up the mail!! PLAN to pick up the mail BEFORE your husband (HA HA - you don't do that do you?!)

OOH!! Pricing!! That's kinda important too, isn't it!! :) Our kit retails for $30.95 PLUS shipping!!! IF you wanna purchase the 6 month subscription then the price is $27.95 PLUS shipping!!! And YES we do have "add ons" for those of you that don't have a local scrapbook store and want to purchase the "extras" and "additions"!!!

i think that's all of it - probably NOT - i'm probably forgetting some information - so if you're confused or have a question - post a comment and i'll come back and answer ya!!



~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Love IT!!! Simply LOVE IT!! Chicks in the Attic is soo fitting!!! I will be making a trip in to see you girls!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!! Tooo cool!!! ok... ok... I'll stop! :)
Hugs to you all!

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Kim said...

Sooooo proud of you chicks.

doggiemom said...

Love that new name! Very fitting for you all to do something like this. Everyone is so helpful at the store. Way to break out of the box.

Michelle said...

Oooooh! I am very intrigued with this idea! Especially since moving from Wichita to Indy I haven't found a "good" lss. There's one almost an hour away on the other side of town but they just aren't as friendly as you gals are! This would be like having some "home" coming to my mailbox each month!

Lan said...

Love the name! How exciting for you girls. I've been a kit girl for over 3 years, love it. Will definitely check out the site.