Thursday, July 30, 2009

TWENTY NINE DAYS!?!? are you kiddin' me?!? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!? I'd better get in gear and get you some sneaks!!

Okay - so - HOPEFULLY this post won't be AS long as the one tuesday;) but you never know with me, do ya?!?!

Almost ONE month ago (slacker!) i posted for a monday "challenge" for you to submit your oldest scrapbook pages. Not to be mistaken for UGLY pages, or "ghetto fabulous" (renee) pages.....but just to "stamp" the time period at which you began scrapbooking!!!

I wanted to see these b/c i wanted to show just HOW much scrapbooking has changed - some for the better (designing) and some for the worse (journaling!) So - i'm going to post the ones that i received, and YOU'RE going to vote on your FAVORITE!! NOT the one that you think is the WORST of them - or the UGLIEST - but the one that - as a scrapbook PAGE, as a STORY - you think is the best! Post your vote in the comments section!! The winner will be rewarded with a FABULOUS scrapbooking item of sorts!!

These first FOUR are RENEE'S!! NOW - you can't vote for her - obviously! She's a winner EVERYDAY of the week! ha! ;).....but renee wanted me to point out to you how she created HER OWN TITLES WITH HER OWN HANDWRITING!!! AND she was ALREADY USING GLITTER GLUE ALLLLLL THE WAY BACK IN 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we have SHERYL HALL (also known to us as SHER-REAL hall!) I love the heart!! Do you remember those shapes and templates!! (THEY're makin a comebackkkkk!)

okay - so next up is me.....(no comments from the peanut gallery! the girls CRIED laughing at my mean!) Anyway - these pages were created in 2000....remember the cutting out of the people - like action shots???? And everything is so flat! I can't BELIEVE how thick some of our embellishments are these days, compared to then!Now see, I also could create hand written titles!! I really do still like this page......i LOVE to journal.....lots and lots......and lots!! i still journal quite a bit - but it's more of a "summary" of what is happening in the photos..... i was a LOT more detailed back then (i also had a LOT more time to scrapbook!) AND i used my own handwriting - i need to get back to that again!Next up we have MONICA!!! Now monica (for those of you that don't know her) teaches for us!! She has taught for us from the very beginning!! She teaches our 101 classes, mom n me classes, album in a day...disney - and what ever else we throw at her! i (jokingly) told monica that i wasn't going to show her pages, b/c they are very comparable to our style of scrapbooking today!! this page monica made about her beloved dog tickles. i had these same letters!!! i think i got them from qvc - there were a TON of them!i took a close up of the dog b/c monica "added" layers to him!! She added the bunny ears to make him an easter beagle, and i love how she put the eggs both in and outside the basket!!! genius!

This next page was submitted by Janine!! I love the double matting - something that is STILL done now, as well as the rounded corners!! if i remember right, the dragonflies were stamps and she COLORED in the body blue!! i love the balance of the page too!do you remember Suzie Zoo!??! Ahhhhh she was SO cute and could adapt to ANY layout!!Rachel submitted hers, but wanted to be sure and clarify that this is NOT her best work ;) she asked if she could submit something to "redeem" herself!! WHATEVER!! i dont think these are bad AT ALL!! i like how clean cut and repetitive the layouts are!!

Diana Corner is our last submission- i love how you can totally appreciate the pictures and the "story line"...... there are times that i feel that we've gotten away from this.....don't get me wrong - i LOVE the art and creative part of all of it, but there some times when i feel that we're more interested in the "layout" than the "memories" - know what im sayin?? Here is your LOTM for AUGUST!! don't you just LOVE this little worm!! renee free handed this (as usual!) worries you will have a template for yours!!This will be available on SATURDAY MORNING!! We only make a limited number of kits, and we usually sell out the day of!! However, if you've signed up for our LOTM "club" have no fear - your kit is already sacked up and ready for you!! WHAT IS THE LOTM "CLUB" you ask?? Wellll, thanks for asking - let me tell you alllll about it!! Sign up for SIX months of LOTM and your kits are automatically reserved for you in advance!! You pay $60.00 for SIX months (that's a $2.00 per month savings!)!!! You can sign up for that at ANY TIME!!!

I've been adding your names to the subscription list for the ganza newsletter!! I will send out an update (HOPEFULLY) next week, so you'll know for sure if you're receiving it!!

Have you heard of the "SHE" line by Two Chicks Designs? Christie had them at the CAG before last - i LOVE these shirts!! Not only are they comfy - but they're sytlin' as well!! We will be carrying them in our store VERY SOON, so you'll have to check those out too!!
whew - i just THOUGHT it wasn't gonna be that long of a post!! i'm gonna start tomorrows post - so check back tomorrow! got some more good stuff for ya! :)