Friday, July 10, 2009

Tomorrows the big day!

We're busy getting everything ready for tomorrow's celebration!! I still can't believe it's been THREE years!!! Seems like just last week that we were irritating the UPS man with our 100 boxes of Bazzill cardstock!!! Staying up all night long painting the walls pink while the guys painted the brown dots!! Eating pizza on the floor at 11:00pm!! I can still remember my first display that i merchandised!! it was All My Memories!!! (it took me THREE hours!! - it had to be JUST PERFECT!) i remember our opening day......i had been looking forward to this for SO LONG!! seemed like it was NEVER going to arrive!!! it was a rainy, dreary day, AND I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep - you read that right!!! so there i was, screaming at the kids to GET UP AND GET DRESSED (rocky was out of town on business!) ... no breakfast for us, i don't' even remember if i had them brush their teeth!!? ( i brushed mine!) (oopsies!).....i still managed to make it here JUST as mom unlocked the doors!! BUT, as i pulled up into the parking lot of the store - seeing the women CAMPED out in front of the store - with their umbrellas, lawn chairs and coffee - i still get tears in my eyes!! THAT moment is one that i go back to OFTEN, when things aren't "what i thought they would be", when i get one of those "poor me" moments, it's one of the "happy places" i go to!!......(thank you bonnie, jaki, amy, lou ann, and their gang!) Oh, it's been such a great ride!! Here's to the next THREE years!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!! Especially NOW!! With the economy in the shape that it's in - i'll be honest - it's scary to think about and hear about other independent retailers struggling.....while the big box stores are doing fine - so we want to thank you for continuing to support your local retailer!! We REALLY do appreciate it!!!

Okay - so on to tomorrow's festivities!! The LOTM is ready to GO!! and i PROMISE you it will not still be here at NOON!! Our make n takes begin right at 9:00 and we only have a limited supply of these as well!!! We're going to have a "sidewalk sale"...everything on the tables outside will be 50% off!! And trust me - there's some TREASURES!!! The 50% off table will not be here after Saturday - some of the items will go back to their full price!!! AND - don't forget - EVERYTHING in the store .... E V E R Y T H I N G (with the exception of paper, cardstock, and epson products! i guess that's not really EVErythING!!) in the store is buy THREE get ONE free!!! Think ahead on this one...adhesive??....kits??.....stickles??.....cats eye?? (yeah baby!)....album refills.....stock up!! PAPER AND CARDSTOCK will all be 10% off as well!!! ....AND there's a coupon in your newsletter for 20% off any one item in the store!! do you get our newsletter?!?! CLICK here to get your copy! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR COUPON WITH YOU!!! PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT!!! now - with all of these fAhBuLoUs deals, we aren't going to be punching your attic punch cards tomorrow!! i'm SURE you understand!!!

I'm STILL accepting your "OLD TIME" layouts!! I wanna see some of your FIRST scrapbook pages you've completed!! I think it would be fun to show how things have changed, some haven't and some are makin' a comeback!!! So - if you think about it - bring those with you when you come out on saturday!!! :)

NOW - here's a sneek of some of the schtuff we got in this week.....THE tiny attacher - LOVE this!! NEW Bazzill GLAZED Cardstock.......we've REstocked ALL the October Afternoon - AND FINALLY got the rest of the bellies in (minus the rubber charms :( ) bazzill institch'z!!........ FINALLY got some 4th paper in - MAN WE SOLD OUT OF THAT FAST! ....... and you can allll thank KRUSTY MULLINS - we NOW have quite the selection of HUNTING and PHEASANT scrapbooking embellishments!!!;)*****THOSE OF YOU THAT USE STRAPHINGE ALBUMS - WE HAVE PAGE REFILLS 50% OFF!! THESE ARE THE "OLD" CREATIVE MEMORIES SIZES!!*******STOCK UP!

okay - a side note: here in Andover - last night - we had a TERRIBLE storm....did you see it?!?! that hail was CRAZY!! i swore that the roof was coming OFF the house, it was sooo loud! Well, this morning on ABC's Good Morning America - they had a woman in Dallas, that was struck by lightning last month.......IN HER KITCHEN holding a PAN!!! It came through the ceiling in through the light fixture!!! Her 9 year old son called 911......(this is the reason for my story!).....does YOUR child know how to use YOUR cell phone!?!? As i was watching this piece, it dawned on me that my kids probably don't know how to "UNLOCK" my phone!! They know how to make a call - but no if it's locked - so, if you're one of the MANY people that have cell phones as your home phone - you probably wanna make sure that your kiddos know HOW to use your phone!! This is just your mommy tip for the week!!!

Hope we get to see ALL of you tomorrow!! Have a great weekend!!!