Thursday, August 20, 2009

update as promised!!

some new items that arrived this week.......OMG!! i ordered a HUGE box of these and THIS is all that's left - i hope we have enough to bring with us to GANZA!!! The NEW Xyron "X" sticker maker machine!! FUN animal prints - how many of the "old" ones do you think you'll be seeing in the OCTOBER garage sale?!?!Some FUN new "onesies" - NOT for the babies - but in our individual purchase section - we've been looking for some FUN new items that you can use in scrapbooking AND cardmaking - as well as soldered charms....check these out next time you're in! (you can thank KRUSTY for the wonderful new RIBBON display!)
and i can't believe that i forgot to tell you all this!!!!!!! last week jaki came in and when i asked her for her punchcard - she pulled out the most amazing "card holder thingymabobber" i've ever seen!!! We are ALWAYS being asked to design something for all of us women that carry a billion punchcards, reward cards, credit cards, business cards, appointment cards, insurance cards, gift cards, here a card there a card everywhere a card card!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY - when she pulled this beauty out i was STUNNED!! immediately i went to the website and ordered some for us to carry in the store......these WILL be a hot item this year for the holidays - i PROMISE you!!! Think ahead - christmas, teacher gifts, sitter, hairdresser - the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! The "Card Cubby" is small enough to fit into your purse, but large enough to carry MOST cell phones!! AND it comes with ALPHABETIZED CARDS!!! So - when you come into the store and we say "do you have your punchcard with you?" - you don't have to fiddle with alllllll of your cards, only to find that you passed it three can thumb right to the 'S's and wah lah - there we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANyway - you HAVE to see these, and YES, we will bring these to ganza...maybe someone will be a lucky winner!!!!

and heres ur snnneeekkkkk at a lil' somethin' somethin' we're working on for the ganza GOERS!!

Sooo, renee and i got a lil' CRRRAAAZYYY today after our usual SONIC happy hour....(krusty it's on you saturday!).....but here's a lil something I picked up for us to have fun with at GANZA this time!!! (hopefully we'll have some FAHHHBULOUS paper for you to scrapbook these photos with just for the Crop*A*Ganza MARGARITA-VILLE event!)
LARGE JPEG of the GANZA shirt!!! ..... the palm tree actually WRAPS around from the front to the back - it's not really centered in the middle of the lyrics..and YES, i WILL post the lyrics in the next newsletter to come out tomorrow!! i PROMISE!!

the SECOND Ganza Vendor update went should be receiving it - if not just lmk! :)


The Curtis Family said...

i am IN LOVE with the new X!!! I'm sure you could've guessed that! Going to be needing one for sure so bring me one next weekend cause I don't think I am going to be in before CAG :( I'm a working woman now!!! Miss you all!!