Monday, August 24, 2009

GANZA - want your comments!!

hey ganza go-ers and NO GO-ERS!! I always kinda feel bad during the week before ganza, i don't want those that AREN'T going to feel like we're leaving you out - but this is all we eat, breathe, and think about at this time!!! So - hopefully you're still "hanging" with us and just enjoying the wild ride that all of us LOONY TOONS will go on this weekend!!!

Okay - so nows the time to speak your mind!!! I'm getting music ready for the weekend - loading it on my ipod - but remembered LAST time Shandra was so sweet to let us borrow her Satellite radio!! So - WHAT kinda music do ya'll like??? WHAT get's your MOJO flowin?? I'm asking b/c i'd like to include a little bit of everything!! And not only THAT - but it will ALSO give others a PLAY LIST for their own IPODS!!

In regards TO the music - we do have a sound system, however we don't play the music "very loudly".....sometimes we CRANK it up and bust out in the conga line or have Jeanie Padron teach us the latest line dance....and other times we're kicking back enjoying a little michael BuBBLE....yes i know it's buble' - but the first time KRUSTY heard him - she called him BUBBLE!!! :) ahhhhhh krusty mullins!!!

Now - speaking of Rockin' out to the music.......for those of you that attend ganza regularly, you can just skip ahead - but if you've not been to ganza in a while or ever before - please NOTE that on Saturday night - we HAVE been known to have a small little fiesta!!! Now - sometimes its LOUD and CRAZY and we have men on the balcony screaming at us to turn our music down, and we HAVE had the police called on us before - although THAT wasn't the smartest thing.....ONE man called the police on 200 women with SCISSORS?!?! REALLY!?!? anyway - we ended up having a "body guard" all night!! But - just know that....if you're one that doesn't like that sort of thing - you might wanna turn in a little early....but we've found that more people LIKE it than DO NOT!! AND - if you're starting to get a little sleepy - thinking of turning in - loosin' your mojo - our little fiesta might be JUST the push you need to get a few more hours of croppin' in!!!

pssstttt: i've also "heard" that there are some FAHHHBULOUS sales after midnight for those that are still around.......i'm just sayin'!!!

SO - post your FAVORITE play list - anything from ONE song - to several to the TYPE of music you like!!!

Check back later tomorrow morning, i'm gonna be getting ready for my trip to SAM'S and want your input there too!!!


Luv2scrap said...

I say suprise us. All kinds of music will just make everyone happy.

aday said...

We cannot forget to play Margaritaville!

dlcorner said...

I'll go along with Luv2scrap. i enjoy all kinds of music. Country, Rock n Roll, pop, etc...
I'll put my 2cents in on snacks. Drinks: Diet Pepsi, Diet coke, just something diet with caffine to keep the juices flowing. Munchies: nuts, Lays Kettle Jalapeno chips , Jalapeno Cheetois.
I cant wait I'm all packed & ready to crop & shop!! Lets get the party started!!