Saturday, August 22, 2009

FIRST and FOREMOST......HERE is the most accurate and UP TO DATE list that we have for ganza goers shirt orders!! If your name is on this list then you're signed up to get a shirt!!!!

Alicia D.
Amy D.
Amy P.
Amy W.
Angela M.
Becky G.
Beth R.
Beverly S.
Beyonce' Knowles!
Bridget M.
Cecilia A.
Chandra S.
Chantel B.
Cheri B.
Chris H.
Christel S.
Connie O.
Crystal B.
Dawn H.
Deborah L.
DeDe W.
Deloris C.
Diana C.
Diann D.
Donna W.
Erin H.
Geri C.
Heather S.
Ivey A.
Jamie Y.
Jane S.
Janell H.
Janet M.
Janine B.
Jennifer B.
Jennifer Y.
Jerri N.
Jillian B.
Judy E.
Julie S.
Julie W.
Kathryn W.
Kathy J.
Kathy S.
Kelly L.
Kim B.
Kim B.H.
Krazy Katie
Kris H.
Kristina S.
Kristy H.
Laurie T.
Leah F.
Linda B.
Lindsey E.
Lindsey F.
Lisa S.
Margo H.
Melisa S.
Michelle S.
Michielle D.
Monica B.
Paislee's momma
Pam A.
Pat J.
Paulette B.
Rebecca W.
Reva R.
Rita G.
Robyin H.
Ronda M.
Rosa G.
Rose R.
Ruth S.
Sandee W.
Shandra H.
Shannon C.
Shannon W.
Sharlou M.
Sharon G.
Sheryl T.
Stacy A.
Stephanie B.
Susan C.
Susan E.
Theresa H.
Vicki H.
Vickie B.
Yolanda W

I hope this helps to make registration SMOOOTHH!!! That's my goal for this time, lets see how well we can make that become a reality!! I'm stressing a LITTLE more than usual this time (i know it IS possible to do that!), but with all that's going on with the move and the kit club - my sweet loving husband is leaving for a training school in WISCONSIN for the WEEK!! Yes, you hear me correctly - the WEEK!! Rocky is OUR MAN for ganza....he sets up allll of the tables with electricity - makes sure they're all running safely and correctly - TAPES it all down himself, loads and unloads ALL of our schtuff....makes all the ICE runs that we have to make - and most importantly brings ME STARBUCKS IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooo, good ol' dad is gonna have to step in!!! Pray for him ladies, he's gonna need it! HA ! So - Rocky and i are loading up the GANZA trailer to head out to the big "BW" (best western) TONIGHT!! It'll be packed and ready to GO TONIGHT!!

Enough of that stuff - lets move onto the FUN stuff!!! here's another little sneekie poo for you ganza goers! look what we're working on..............cross your fingers that we are able to receive this before ganza.....................PRAY for it - you're gonna LOVE it! !:)

you will DEFINITELY be loving this too....................this will have SEVERAL different uses throughout the weekend.............

If you have any special holds at the store in the cabinet - we're bringing it with us for you!! AND if you have special requests for products that you're going to need throughout the weekend, but don't have time to get into the store before ganza - CALL us and we'll pack it with the rest!!! And, as usual we will more than likely be making a run back to the store to restock, so make sure and get your requests to Kristy and Kate in the booth!
Sooooooooooooooooooooo, since she just about gave me a heart attack - im gonna share this story with ya'll - our fellow blog follwers!!! KATE (if you've never been to ganza before - it will NOT take you long to get to know KATE!! she's our "MC" for the weekend!) so KATE calls me this past friday about 6ish....asks if it's "hot or cold"?! EH!??! At ganza, hot or cold? I tell her to always plan for hot, you can layer for cold......then she asks me....where are you? ummmm im at home! To which she replies......uhhhhhhhhhh isn't crop*a*ganza THIS weekend?! WHAT!!! That's right - she was packed up and heading out to the bw for ganza this PAST weekend........can you believe that?!!! ahhhh KATE!! anyway - she's got some FANTASTIC contests and games for you guys!! She seriously researches and thinks a lot about these events and i am SO SUPER excited for this time!! The prizes are AWESOME (if i do say so myself!) and the Raffle Items are not too shabby either!!!!

okay - that's all for now - i gotta get back to work!!! Make sure and read your newsletter thats coming your way in a few!! :)


Christie said...

Getting excited!!!

The Curtis Family said...

Okay so I see that I made the shirt list this time! I LOVE the thought of being Paislee's Momma...if only she would hurry up!!! I can't WAIT to see you guys this weekend. I am having SERIOUS withdrawls!!!!