Thursday, August 20, 2009


How are ya?!!? Are you ganza goers starting to get a littttttle restless? a litttttlllleee giddy with excitement!??!

Well - we're starting our ONE WEEK countdown!!! (yes i realize that it's really ONE week and ONE day - but for us, it starts on THURSDAY since that's the day we start settin' up for ya!) Soooooo, you should be receiving an email newsletter telling you about our FIRST vendor of THIRTEEN!!....Julie Sharp!!! She'll be our MASSAGE THERAPIST FROM BEAU MONDE! :) i'm SUPER stoked about this and thinkin' that i could REALLY use a massage right NOW!!!

If you didn't get the newsletter and wanna read it, email me and i'll put you on the newsletter list! You don't wanna miss any information, TRUST me on this - the things that NORMALLY come out of my mouth - you may wann miss - but when it comes to GANZA - you don't wanna miss it!!! :)

So - hows your week goin? on a personal note - we moved in to our new house SATURDAY!!! however, there are stillllll boxes EVERYWHERE!! WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO MOVE?!?! nahhhh, im just jokin' - i have a tendency to put myself under a TON of stress for no good reason!!! The kiddos start back to school today! THANK THE LORD ABOVE FOR THAT ONE!!! Hayden will be going alll day long. I'm a little unsure of how i feel about that at this time - i'll get back to you on that one!!!

Okay - enough rattling - i have some updates, but need to get TO the store to make sure they're all still "a go" - before i post them - so hopefully you'll be back later today to see that! :)

OH and the Chicks in the Attic September kit PREVIEWS today!! Check that out after lunch! :)


aday said...

may I get a newsletter please