Friday, August 7, 2009

i know - long time no post....been a lil busy.....dogs in the pet hospital......moving into our new house next friday......chicks in the attic kits are going VERY WELL!.....ganza seating chart is COMPLETE!! sweet cousin and her TWIN 4 month old babies have been here all starting school.....lets see - what else??!?! :) anyway - wanted to jump on here real quick (i'm working on a post (big one) for you NOW!) but thought i'd go ahead and post this - i'm filling spots from the waiting list and MINDY CASHION and DAWN LORD - i need you to call me w/i 48 hours if you're still wanting to attend CROP*A*GANZA!!! the number you left is disconnected - so give me a call and let me know!!!!
If you are on the waiting list - have hope! we've had five cancellations so far - so we're making our way down the list.......:)
i'll be backkkk!


LindaN said...

I so wish I would have signed up for GANZA. You all have tons of fun and make sure to put me down for the next one.