Tuesday, May 11, 2010

something to make you laugh!

A huge thanks to "Mrs. V"! she was cleaning out her hard drive and ran across some of these pics from Ganza's past!! Thought these would be fun to reminisce over - as well as get you in the mood for GANZA in FOUR MONTHS! :)

I have no idea exactly WHAT's going on here - meditating??? Trying to reach communication to my "inner dancer"!?!? Unsure! :) (orrrrr it could just be that it was SUPER hot and i was sweaty!)
I have NO idea exactly what move we're doing here?!?!
Our theme for this ganza was "80's" !! We had a "dance off" with our favs from the 80's! Kate was showing us her "Mr. Roboto" moves! :)
This wonderful shot would be my sister gettin' DOWN with her bad self! :) go sarah, go sarah!
Not only do i love looking at the pics and remembering the good times we've had - but look at the faces in the background! :) LOVE their smiles! And all the cameras! (janine i'm SURE you have some WINNERs on your camera!)

WOW!! even Renee was gettin' down! :) Yami is that you!? And Kim Bartunek?!?
Doing our midnight conga line - with our "leader" JEANIE!


TeressaTSR said...

how fun!!!!!

Renee said...

HELLO!! That is SO my butt in the air and not Smyers!! :) I need some credit for my sweet break dancing moves! -R

Lan said...

What a great time you guys had, love the photos!