Sunday, April 20, 2008

WOWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :)


Man - there are some Garage Sale shopping FOOLS out there!! (fools, meaning FABULOUS scrappers!) Krusty Mullins - you would have been in HEAVEN here this afternoon!! :)

We had people lining up at the door about 30 minutes prior to opening!!! THERE WAS A LINE WRAPPING AROUND THE FLIPPIN BUILDING!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I SHOULD HAVE taken a picture!! :) It was AWESOME baby! No one was trampled - there were NO fights over any of the stamp sets!! 911 was NOT called - and I THINK everyone left happy with their BARGAINS!!! This stuff (for the most part!) is priced to SELL!!!

There is STILL TONS AND TONS AND TONS of goodies left - it doesn't even look as though there's been anything sold - (okay - there is a DENT - but not a big one!) Thank you so much to those of you that came out and braved the crowd!! (and thank you to the HUSBANDS and KIDDOS that were so very patient with all of us!)

These pictures were taken BEFORE we opened up the store this morning!!!


3divasmommie said...

gosh darn it!!!!! I missed it!!!!

Yami said...

Woo hoo!!! I hope even more of it is GONE, GONE, baby G-O-N-E by the end of the week!!!!