Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good mornin'!!!

Okay - things are hoppin' here today!! Don't know WHATS up but we've been SUPA busy today!! NICE!!! Must be the SUNSHINE!! :)

Wanted to jump on here real quick and fill you in on the Bazzill "albums" that we received yesterday!! KRUSTY ordered these WONDERFUL new albums from Bazzill!! (they came in FASTER than we anticipated!!) they are FABULOUS!!! They are called LICKETY SLIP albums!! THEY ARE D-RING!! My NEW favorite find!! SO easy to scrapbook with a D-Ring album - you don't HAVE to scrapbook chronologically - you don't HAVE to fiddle with POSTS!! I LOVE THEM!! AND, they hold MORE pages than most post bound albums AND strap hinge albums!! Sooooo, what IS the LICKETY SLIP album!?!?! Here's a "blurb" from the Bazzill site for you!!

These albums are going to make scrapbooking SUPA easy and fAsT!!! plus - it might be just the thing you're needing to get you out of that "creativity" rut you might be in!!! We also have the NEW LICKETY SLIP idea book from Bazzill as well!! I've been thumbing through this book while waiting for the pictures to upload - it's TOTALLY cool!!!! It's a 12x12 layout with 4x6 slots that you slip your "mini layouts" and photos in!! IT'S SO COOL!! The book is FULL of page ideas.

Also - FINALLY got the new "About a Girl" mini book for those tweenie girls!!!

And, we've PRE-ordered this WONDERFUL new book from Lisa Bearnson......(renee has a little something up her sleeve for you on this!!!) be looking for this one in May!!!

FYI - for those of you that use Straphinge albums- we still have our refills buy one get one 1/2 off!!! SOMEONE ordered a TON of those and we need to get rid of them!!! (not mentioning any names!!)

Okay - well my bags are packed and I'm READY to go!!! I'm bringing VERY LITTLE to Crop Camp!! Why you ask!??! Because I've taken Alicia's ORGANIZATIONAL class and I KNOW that I have EVERYTHING I NEED!!! (and, it's here in Wichita - so if I need anything - I'll just go home!!! HA HA!!!) For those of you crop camp attendees......we are bringing SO much stuff - I think Krusty's gonna need a UHAUL!! Soooo, if you think of something that we might not have thought of - shoot us an email: scrapfunattic@cox.net - call us: 316-733-0029 or post a comment here and we'll do our best to get it there for you!!! We're PRAYING and crossing our fingers that the PAGEMAPS book get here by Friday - I'm gonna stay here and wait for UPS to come before I head out to camp. We are bringing some of the LOTM's for you to purchase as well - we've got ya covered!!! :)

Okay - that's all for now - OH - Shannon Fisher is the FIRST and ONLY person to submit layoutS (several of them!) using the clear transparencies.....anyone else out there read this thing!??!! HUH!?!?!??! Shannon - I have a little something for you next time you're in!! THANK YOU!! I especially loved your cut out "head" that you used!! :) :)


heather~dawn said...

Dude...we have until Friday!!! Hello, I am working on it...have to get my mojo just right and the one I already completed need to upload the pics! Wanted to use new stuff that came in last week! Definitely excited to see the lickety split albums this evening...I'll be Seeing Ya!!!

Lan said...

I made a simple card but forgot to send it to ya. Cool albums, I love 3 ring!

Kim said...

Looking forward to the pagemap books

aday said...

I think I will use that album for our cruise!! That would be so much easier!!

Any news on the baby?