Monday, March 31, 2008

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate NEWSLETTERS!!! This newsletter CRUD (pardon my french!) is torkin me off!!! If you received our first newsletter - the link (for some unknown reason) isn't working - so here it is via our website : hopefully that will work!!! It was a lot easier to do this calendar than the one we were previously using - but if it's not gonna work - that ain't NO GOOD!!!! :)

Soooooo, just sent a correction newsletter out and it's not showing that it went successfully - AHHHHH!! I'm gonna give it some more time before i go nutty!!

Also - the garage sale - BEGINS Sunday APRIL 20th - Friday APRL 25th - ONLY FIVE DAYS!!!! You need to have your stuff up to us by the end of business on SATURDAY the can begin dropping off your stuff for the sale the week of the 14th!!! I hope this clears everything up!! I HATE clogging up your email boxes - and hate EVEN more when I screw something up and have to send out TWO !!!!! sorry!!! :)

We got some new BAZZILL albums today!! Can't wait to see them!!! I know we're expecting a pretty big order from two different companies this week - but not gonna tell you WHAT and WHO until it's IN THE BUILDING!!!


heather~dawn said...

Just to let you know...I did get both emails, and was able to connect with the second one via the website, didn't try the first one though. Yay...more new stuff! Thanks for the corrections, I don't think you send too many but I know how you feel!

Michielle said...

Hiay Girlie!!! No problem here accessing your calendar through the website!!.....but now you have me curious about this Brett Michaels...He's a rocker that wears some kind of 'head-kerchief', right??!! I KNOW he has awesome eyes!!!....sooooo, lots of new stuffs for us to look at?? Way to go on the marketing baby!!!... You KNOW that we will have to come in to take a look at everything!!! Love ya,