Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh my gosh - did you see the ticker for ganza?? Exactly THREE months away!! Sarah - start to panic!! :)

This is a quick/short post (I WILL be back later on this afternoon with more goodies!) But we have TWO openings for our MINI WEEKEND NO FRILLS CROP this weekend!! We had two cancellations yesterday and are ready for TWO more to fill the spots!!! This is the weekend crop - with NO FRILLS!! Just time for you to CROP till you DROP!!! It begins tomorrow night (friday) at 5:00 and runs until midnight - then starts again at 9:00am - till midnight Saturday!!! That's 22 HOURS of cropping!! I'm SO wishing I could sign up!!! :) All for $20.00

Give us a call at the store to reserve your spot!!! 316-733-0029

I'll be back soon with pictures and gossip and A CHALLENGE (thanks to Heather!) for ya!!!! We are getting SOME MORE NEW STUFF IN TODAY....I wanna make sure it arrives before I tell you!!!! More later! peace out!


Heather Dawn said...

Yay!!! Hmmm...I bet those spots will fill fast, but plans are already set for this Friday night! I can't wait for the challenge....YAY!!! Ohh yeah, the new Heidi stuff is supposed to be in this week and it looks soooo amazing online, can't wait to see it in person..might be making a stop there today or tomorrow!!!

3, count them three months...can't wait!!!

Scrap*Funattic said...

Heather - SHHHHHHHHH!!! (it's a surprise about the HS stuff!!) ha ha!!! You seriously are going to be missed when you move away from all of us!! I love your loyalty and dedication to our blog!! That's the reason I keep on keepin' on !! (wink wink!)

Heather Dawn said...

I kinda wondered if I shouldn't say anything...but I know when I was in Florida last week they got it in on know they are in the same state and all! I love it that you update...I have so many things I "check" when I get on the internet and this has just become one of those things...even if you haven't updated in a while, I still check it regularly!!! And I want to be the first to respond...I have a sickness!

Kim said...

Ohh...I would love to come to the mini crop. I'm sure the spots are already taken. Darnit!!!
Lovin' the blog too.

aday said...

I am at the cage fights Saturday night, darn it. I miss you all

Christie said...

I SO wish I could come crop, but I think I might be shot for defecting this close to my due date...too many little odds and ends to finish up at home! Have a good time for me...I will be back in the swing of things eventually, i hope! The store, by the way, looks fabulous (as usual) and I had to force myself to wear blinders to leave without tons of the new stuff!!! Can't wait for Crop-a-ganza when I have time to scrapbook again!

Yami said...

OMG!!! I SOOOO wish I could come htis weekend. I think my HUBBY would SHOOT ME DEAD...and, we don't want that, do we?!?!? No, I didn't think so (grin).

So, have a great time and I'll be back to check on the updates.

Love ya girls!!!!