Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Friday evening to everyone!!! How was your week?!?! Are you looking forward to some WONDERFUL SPRING weather this next week!?!? I SURE AM!!!

We got some NEW stuff in today, and wanted to come on here and share it with you!!! Sarah is even MOVING STUFF around the store right now - getting it out for the weekend!! (i'm seriously having anxiety about her moving stuff around, but that's okay - i'll get through it!)

Here are some items that have arrived!!!

ALL of our new BAZZILL stuff is here!! (although SOME of it back ordered, but it will be here soon!).....i can't decide what I'm more excited about...that they have their floss now available to sell by the yard....or the new paper flowers.....or oh yeah, the cardstock edge those! (these are photos that I pulled from their website for you to view!) much better in person!

The new Doodling templates from Crafters Workshop....these are AWESOME!!!
The new Bambino line from Daisy D's is in da house!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!

Ohhh, also wanted to let you all know - this past Crop*A*Ganza, we DOUBLED the amount of money that we raised for our RAFFLES!!! We donated $300.00 the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!!! YEAH!!! Thanks to all of you that donated to the raffle!!! That's AWESOME!!!

Happy Birthday on Saturday to Miss ALICIA!!! We hope you have a SPLENDID day and get to do WHATEVER your heart desires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Michielle said...

Good Morning Dawlings!!!
Thanks for showing us the new stuff!! I'm thinking I need to try that In Stitchz stuff....I used to crossed stitch all the time, so this would be neat to add to my scrapbooks......No worries about Miss Sarah moving things guys could 'stir things up' like a tornado and your store would still be the COOLEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! Like Kristy says, it's a VERY HAPPY PLACE!!! Love ya,

heather~dawn said...

Still only one comment...that makes me sad :( I know for a hard Steff and Sarah work at keeping us in the loop via this thingy called a BLOG! I know that even when I am gone and far away I will still be able to know what is going on, and I am sooo thankful for that! Thank you ladies for always being there for us to look to and come to, therapy doesn't always come in such a beautiful place, or with so many good friends!

Oh yeah...I am soooo excited to see the rest of the Bazzill stuff!

Scrap*Funattic said...

awwww thank you Heather DAWN!! That's so sweet!! Yeah, I do have to say - the less comments - the less I feel are reading this - and the less motivated I get to update it - KWIM?!?! If no one's reading it - why talk to myself?!? I do that already- just not out loud! HA!! have a great day!! FOUR more days till you leave for Sunny Floriday!

Michielle said...

ohhhhh Baby, I read your blog!!! I stalk you allllll the time!!! I love to hear what's going on at the store and get updated on the new stuff that you guys are soooo good about bringing in!!! THANKS!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! Keep it girls are the hottest thing this side of the Mississippi!!!!

Cara Jo said...

I must have the sock monkey paper!!!!!! I won't be there until the beginning of April but I am coming to the store!

Christy said...

Oh we read it! LOL May not always post, but it's the only way to get my SFA fix! LOL Thanks for ALWAYS posting & keeping us updated! We SO appreciate it!