Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tammy Greiving AND Heather Carrier!!!
We hope you guys have a SPLENDID birthday!!!
(and if no -one has told you this yet - you are SO AWESOME!)

How are you today!??!

I'm FEELING good!! The birds are chirpin'.....the sun is shinin.....the wind isn't blowing 100 miles an hour!!! Things are GREAT!! The air is CRISP and COLD!!! (like I like it!)....I KNOW - spring is RIGHT AROUND the corner!!! Enjoy the cold while you can folks, cuz in three short months you'll be BEGGING for WINTER!!!!

Okay - some new stuff that's been going on........we FINALLY got Computer Tricks 2 in...FINALLY!!! Photo Freedom as well!!! If you pre-ordered those - we're holding them for you!!! We are expecting Page Maps THIS WEEK!! Have TWENTY of those babies coming in !!! Kristy has had her NOSE in the Computer Tricks 2 for hours and gives it a BIG thumbs UP!!! So, that's great!!! Speaking of Computer Tricks.....the Digi class that starts this week.....we need to have a MIN. of FIVE participants to hold this class....if you are wanting to do so - you NEED to call and reserve your spot by TOMORROW (Wednesday)...otherwise we will have to cancel it and reschedule...I KNOW - late notice and the dates are not consecutive....but we wanted to put it together as soon as we could, b/c so many of you were asking!!!! So, let us know!!!

Photography class - there are still THREE spots remaining for that class as well!!
Ganza - JUNE 2008.....we still have spots open for that also!!!

We GOT THE BIG BITE!!!!! Limited number of these bad boys - so get em while you can!

ALSO - today - the Amazing Grace line from Flair came!! I just love this line - so sweet and graceful!!!

ALSO - Bazzill Cardstock - they are discontinuing their WEAVE texture.....SO....we've added all of THAT to our Clearance section!!! Come in and get it while you can!!!

We're excited for CROP CAMP!!! Coming up in APRIL!!! CanNOT wait for that!!!!

STILL LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DO PEDICURES at Crop*A*Ganza SUMMER!?!!? ANYONE know of anyone interested in earning some DOUGH and doin some TOES?!?!?!

PS)....Dana called today from Old Navy - they have FLAMINGO tanks.....think SUMMER Ganza!!!!

Okay - I have to run for now - phones ringing!!! Peace out!

*****Also - guess what - thanks to KATHY JOHNSON....we found out that you can NOW GET UN-DU again!!! Yeah Jana!!!! Aren't you happy!!!


heather~dawn said...

I think I am going to have to come in and get some of the Flair paper! Love that top one especially! Which is good, since I have a little somethin for the Attic Cupcakes!!! I bet you're excited now!

Michielle said...

Hello Dawlings!!!

What in the WORLD is a 'bug bite'???!!! Now, where "I" come from, a 'bug bite' is NOT something that you want!!! (not meaning to go all 'redneck on ya'!)!!! HA!!! That there's funny, I don't care WHO you are!!!
P.S....Hope you had a good SUNSHINEY Tuesday TOO!!!

Jana Girl said...

Ode to Undu:
Undu makes me happy, my adhesive it removes, Undu makes the world go round and is almost better than new shoes!! Oh I love my precious Undu, it is so very great, if it weren't for Greg it might be my soulmate??!! Thank you, Thank you very much!

Jana Girl said...

And HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY! Hope you had a great day!