Thursday, March 27, 2008

OKay - here I am again!!! Whew - what a DAY!! No kidding, from the time the last post was completed I have been ON THE RUN!!! Our wonderful UPS man, Brian, delivered THIRTEEN boxes to us!! I think Renee JUST about had a heart attack!! I SO wish I'd had my camera up here for that!! She was screaming and jumping - Brian was just LAUGHING and quickly heading for the door!!!! :)

So, here's what we got in....NOW - you must know - as with ALL scrapbooking companies - NOT ALL OF IT ARRIVES AT ONCE!!! So, when I say we got "these" collections in, please know that not ALL of it may be here!!!!

FANCY PANTS is in DA house!! I'm SO stoked about this!! I cannot tell you how many calls a WEEK we have received about these new lines!!!! Here are the lines that we received.....we did receive ALL these collections in FULL.....the Glitter Cuts and Albums will be here shortly!!!

CELEBRATE!!! (to my cupcakes.....there is an ADORABLE cupcake die cut on this sheet!!)


About a Boy

(I TOTALLY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT JANA IS GONNA DO WITH THIS LINE FOR BOB!!!)Simplicity (I think this was Renee's fav!)Daydreams (this line just SCREAMS spring to me!!...Brynn, was this the line you were excited about?!?!)Each of the lines has (with the exception of Papa) 12x12 overlays, Ribbon and Rub Ons!Fashion Sense.....I AM SO IN LOVE WITH FELT!!! I'm hoping that more and more companies start to come out with HS!! (we've ordered her's already!) those of us with boys - this is a MUST have - it's so nice to see companies starting to make some SUPA cute BOY stuff!!!

Okay - hold onto your hats's the NEW GLITTER CUTS from Fancy Pants!! OH MY GOSH!!! (you have to say that just like what's her name from me out here Heather...what was that obnoxious girls name that was Chandlers girlfriend!??!) - oh - sorry I got sidetracked - where was i?!?! OH- yeah these giltter cuts - are GORGEOUS!!! There are several different sizes, and range in price from .89 to $1.99 ....... I CAN'T wait to play with these!

OKAY - that was Fancy Pants ................................. After I finished THAT order - it was time to process the NEW HEIDI SWAPP STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now - we did NOT get all of her stuff in - but it IS Heidi - so we are a little more accepting of her!!! But we did get some of the "Carefree" paper line..........these are cool cuz (some of the double sided sheets) have a die cut attached to them to compliment the paper. (no worries - we have ordered ALL of her paper lines, and we'll let you know AS SOON as they arrive!

Then, we received the CHANDELIER charms!! I'm SO loving these!! (here's a little hint - we are working on ordering something similar to this in the upcoming weeks for you to "scrapbook outside the box" with!!) We got ALL of the colors of these in!

Now - this picture doesn't do these ANY justice - I shouldn't even use it - but i took the time to upload them - so owell!!! These are BRADS - JEWEL brads - in random sizes!! GORGEOUS!

THEN - we also received THESE in!!! (I'm using mine as a lunch tote!) I just love Heidi - leave it to her to design something SO cute for everyday life! They come in TWO colors - and they are in TWO styles - there is the small one and a Shoulder bag (renee is thinking of using one for her laptop bag!)Here is the rolling tote!! I love the small petite look of this bag!

And of course, new masks!!!

From All My Memories...........the NEW CHOCOLATE Brown Purse and Wallet!!! LOVE it!!! (also got the black ones back in stock!)

The NEW Tote-Ally Cool totes!! I am SO loving the VIBRANT blue that this comes in!!
This also came today!! NEW from We R Memory Keepers, The Ultimate Cutting Kit!!!
And we also received MORE ribbon purses....NOW IN RED!!
Renee was SUPA excited that she received two NEW Stickles displays- so we can display ALL of our stickles, in COLOR of the RAINBOW order!!!

Earlier in the week, we received the "Score-Pal" - we've been flooded with requests for this! We received some fun new stuff from Maya Road too!!!! (I am running out of time to post pictures!)

So, after all the processing of the orders, and the excitement from that - I finally ate lunch at 2:00 - then had a 3:00 meeting with our EKSuccess Rep (i just love her, she's so stinkin cute!) We ordered some FUN NEW stuff from EK - some new Jolee's stickers and some great new Sesame Street and Disney stuff!!! (and for my cupcakes - a little somethin somethin for you too!)

Oh - we got MORE PAGE MAPS BOOKS IN!!!! So, call and reserve your copy ASAP!! Before their gone AGAIN!!

AND - we STILL have TWO OPENINGS available for the mini crop this weekend!!! The stores open until 8:00 tonight - call!!!! 733-0029

Are you still with me?!?! This is a long one!!! Here's your challenge!!! I want to see what you can do with Transparencies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This includes the NEW Fancy Pants Transparencies, the NEW Glitter Cuts or Transparencies you already own!!! If you can submit a layout, card or other project using a transparency of some sort to me you are eligible to win some goodies from Scrap*Funattic!!! You can email it to me at - or bring it in to the store!!! I would LOVE to see who all is ready and up for the challenges!!!! I will take as many entries as possible until NEXT Friday (April 4th) !!! Get at it!! Good luck!

OKay - I'm beat - gotta get home and fix dinner and work on the upcoming newsletter!! Come and visit us and see the GIRLS IN ACTION this weekend - getting all the new stuff out!!!!


Yami said...

Chandler's crazy ex-girlfriend was Janice....oh my.....I can just hear her now!!!!

Can't wait....and you know me...LOVE the paisley and the Papa line........GORGEOUS......

Kim said...

Wow Steff, that was a long post, buy soooooo worth the read.
I love about a boy, the fancy pants boy overlay, the brown boy felt, and the glitter cuts-all awesome!
I can totally see the girl felt on some spring layouts.
The HS looks like great paper to do some high school type layouts on.
And last-but-not-least, I love your idea for the HS bag. It will make a great lunch bag.

heather~dawn said...

I do think that is the longest post ever!!! Yep...Janice it is, OH MY GOD!!! hahahahahah!!! Anyways, can't wait for everything else to get here...but stocked up on some of the stuff already! i love it when Renee gets really is a kodak moment! Tyring to get my mojo working for the acetate/transparency challenge...that one really is a challenge for me! Thanks for the long post!!!

Michielle said...

Hey Sunshine!!! You be ALL excited!!!! .....and I MUST get there sometime when there is a delivery.....I want to see Renee whoop it up!!! She's sooo funny!!! MUAH!! I'm going to try to head your way next week. Gotta, gotta get some supplies for Crop Camp!!!! Time is running out on me!!! I miss you all soooo much!!!! Love ya,

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JennK said...

do the shoulder bags come in pink????