Thursday, March 13, 2008

GOOD MORNING!!! How is everyone on this GORGEOUS "early" spring day!!??! Things are starting to turn green and smell wonderful, the birds are chirping - ahhhhh, spring is coming!! Get outside and take some BEAUTIFUL photos!!!

Okay - got all of that out of my system!! I've been busy "SPRING" cleaning - getting my crop area at home cleaned out and ready for Crop Camp, in THREE short weeks!!!, while doing that I realized that it's time for SOME of my stuff to JUST GO!! I have stuff that I just "had to have" at the time, and it's all still sitting in the package or even the SACK!! So, I'm getting BOXES and BOXES of stuff ready for our Garage Sale that we're having at the Attic in APRIL!!! Check out our class calendar online for the exact dates - i believe it's the 20th - 25th this pay $10.00 to sign up and then we print you price labels to identify your "stuff" with - you price it and leave it for us and we get it all out and track it all for you!!! You get 100% store credit for all of you goods sold!.....for more information - call the store for further details!!!! We've already got about 5 peeps signed up - so it's gonna ROCK!!! I can't wait!!! I banked last time - and have managed to spend ALL of it already!!! :) tee hee!!!

Also - tomorrow nights FRIDAY NIGHT CROP - is NOT full YET!! Come crop with ME!!! We're gonna have a BLAST!!! I can't wait to pick back up where I left off from LAST weekend!!! Give us a call at the store and get signed up to come $5.00 - 733-0029

Okay - so, on a sad note - (it seems that there's lots of that lately) we need your prayers and support and thoughts for two of our fellow scrapbookers.

Missy Surmeier (I really hope I'm spelling Missy's name right - I haTE it when I mess that up!).....her father is ill and is not doing well - the doctors have all but said - it's going to be a higher power to pull him through - can you all please STOP what you're doing RIGHT NOW and say a little prayer for him - I don't know the exact details of his illness (has to do with his pancreas), so I don't want to mis-inform.....but please pray for him AND his family.

Shandra Hatfields mother passed away last night in Tulsa. (Shandra started Crop Camp years ago, for those of you that don't know WHO Shandra is) Shandra and her family are in Tulsa now, making please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. On that same note - please be patient with Crop Camp at this time - Shandra is in charge of SO much that goes on with Crop Camp - so Kathy and Alicia will fill in as much as they can - but if you're trying to contact or make arrangements or get questions answered regarding Crop Camp - you can check out Alicia's blog HERE - or just be patient and give Shandra some time to get back to "reality".

We love and care for both of these ladies, and just REALLY believe in the power of prayer - so please pray for them.


aday said...

Thank you ladies!! We will be going on Monday to the funeral if anyone wants to caravan or hitch a ride email me

Christy said...

Thanks for the plus Steff! So by that I see you saw my email! I can't wait until the crop too! Thanks so much for everything you do!!!!!

Yami said...

I CAN'T WAIT for the garage sale! I already have my box started of stuff I'm gonna be SELLING!!!!!!