Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hello everyone!! Wanted to post this "THOUGHT" while I was having it......I have been contacted through a good friend - Christy Freeman - regarding a fabulous foundation that is just taking off and wanted some more support........... ..... visit this site if you have's a great cause - AND scrapbookers are involved!! Rhonna Farrer has designed their shirt!! yeah!!

So, check it out!!


humblepie said...

Thank you for including The Kyrie Foundation on such a fun, happening spot on the Web! We love scrappers!

Michielle said...

Hello Dawlings!! I love, love, love the Doodle Bug 'loop' alpha stickers!!!...PLUS, I'm sooo glad that you will start carrying more rub-on's......gotta love them!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!
Hugs and kisses

Michielle said...

Hey Beautiful Ladies!!!
What's UP at the Attic today??? Anything new and exciting delivered by your handsome UPS man??? HUH?? Just been missing seeing your 'bright and shining' posts!!! WHERE ARE YOU???....I know, you both have very busy lives and don't always have time to 'update' for us lonely ladies in their 40's!!! HA!!! (I'll tell you how far into the 40's I am if you email me??!!!...BRIBE!!!!) Hope you're having a good day!!
Love ya,