Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you having a FABULOUS Spring Break!!?!?!? The weather here is AWESOME!!!! Couldn't ask for better weather -well,,,,,,if I HAD to be picky I guess I'd say less wind!!!
We miss you KRUSTY MULLINS!! We hope you're having a great time in KC!! (renee's been whining about how much she misses you!!!!!) Can't wait to have you back!!!
Okay - this is a short post, as I too - am out enjoying my spring break with my BFF from St. Louis!!! But I realized that someone special called the store Tuesday and asked me to post a picture of the LOTM for APril and I PROMISED to do it - and FORGOT!! So, here I am coming through to deliver!!
This is the LOTM for April....made by Renee!!! It's ADORABLE!! Titled "Easter Hoppenings!!"
Here's the "DL" on the Lotm....the first Saturday of the month we release a limited supply of our Layout of the month!! We almost ALWAYS sell out of these!! They are first come first serve and are $12.00 ........ we've been asked to "reserve" lotm for loyal customers - so answering that request - we now have available to you - a SIX month SUBSCRIPTION to the LOTM club!!! You receive 6 layouts, prepaid for $11.00 each!!! This reserves your LO without having to worry about being there on the day it is released!! So, next time you're in the store - you can sign up for that!!!!
Lots and LOTS of new stuff has been arriving at the store - I don't have time right now to post pictures, but here's a lil list of some of the things that arrived monday and tuesday of this week!!! NEW Bobunny, NEW WeR albums, the NEW K&Co. Amy Butler "Dancing Mums" bag (this is GORGEOUS!), New BOXED ribbon albums....i know there is more but I'm drawing a blank!!!
On another note - I came into work on Tuesday to find THIS waiting for me on my desk!!!

(this is the front!)

this is the back!

I LOVE YOU JANA!! Thank you so much for my BEAUTIFUL necklace - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!! Did I mention she made it!??! MADE THE NECKLACE!?!?

Oh, and jana - thanks also for COMPLETING my Toddle Time layouts - love you again! Okay - I'm off to the ZOO!!!!


Michielle said...

Hiay!! WOW That necklace is sooo cool!! She wrapped it in sterling'd she do that?? I'm glad that you are out enjoying your Spring Break and that the weather is cooperating. The zoo sounds like alot of fun....should be lots of babies!!! The BoBunny that you just got in, would that by chance be 'rub-ons'?? I love those rub ons!!! Thanks for talking to us!! Love ya,

Kim said...

I can't wait to come and and check out all the new stuff. Thanks for updating us!