Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy TAX DAY everyone!!! I hope you're all FILED and PAID and CASHED!!!! If you still haven't finished your taxes......God be with you!!! I'm feelin' for all the "tax people" today!!!

It's been a pretty nice day, despite the wind here in Kansas!!! I spent MOST of my day - pricing all of my garage sale stuff here for the store....I've got some GOOD STUFF!! ! AND there's good stuff coming in each day!!! We actually had to cut the crop night sign up sheet off to make room for our croppers on Friday night!!! Ooopsies!!! ( i don't ALWAYS think these things through!!! tee hee!) We've got TWICE as many folks signed up for this sale as we did last time!! That's AWESOME!!! And, lemme tell ya - there's some GOOOOOOOD stuff!!! (i've got all the Elsie stuff - dirt cheap!) (so far, there's a cricut, clip it up - several rolling totes, P3 rolling tote, tool totes, TONS of paper and bellies - TONS and TONS of stamps and ALBUMS!!!) Don't try to come in and SNEAK stuff to the register!! We HAVE to hold out for Sunday!! :)

So, be here on Sunday at 1:00 - we'll be ready for you!!

For those of you that saw my rolling tool tote that i had at crop camp - i have them at the store now!!! I ordered two of them - so get yours while they're here!!! (Gina, I think you were wanting one - but couldn't remember for sure - just email me and i'll hold it for you!)

We've only got TWO MONTHS UNTIL GANZA JUNE!!! There are STILL seats available - 20 to be exact!!! If we don't sell out for the summer ganza, then we'll just go back to having them twice a year instead of three times - so if you're thinking you might wanna come - SIGN UP!!!! (I'll keep you posted on the deadline date - cuz that might change as well!) Next week, the girls and I will be brainstorming and designing the rest of the special goodies we have for you at ganza - so any ideas YOU have - forward them my way!!!!

Okay - i'm peacin' out!! Have a great day and I'll be back to post more DL later!!! (there's a pretty big order coming tomorrow - but not sure if it's ALL really here or backordered - so I'll letcha know!!!


The Life of an Eight Year Olds Moms said...

Hey Steff,
Yes, yes, yes, it was me that wanted the rolling tote. Please hold it for me and I'll be out there on Sunday!!! Yeah!!! Thanks so much,

heather~dawn said...

Yay, yay, yay!!! I can't wait to bring my stuff in...makes me want to purge even more!

Some of that stuff sounds might yummy and I am going to have to try and restrain myself!

Sooo glad to see you blogging again, thanks Steff!

3divasmommie said...

TAX DAY IS FINALLY HERE>>>>>>>>>>>> i get my honey back.....I have a VERY long list of honey-dos for him!! woohoo!!