Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay - this GARAGE sale ROCKS!!! There is SOOOO much stuff I can't even BEGIN to tell you HOW MUCH STUFF THERE IS!! I wanted to take a picture of it all - but it's 10:45 pm and mom and I are POOPED!!! We've (she's been working at it since 6:00ish) been working all night long...getting everything organized so it's easier to shop!!! I SWEAR you HAVE to give yourself TIME to sift through ALL OF THIS STUFF!!! There is SOME great STUFF!! GREAT STUFF!! Some of it's BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!!! VERY competitive pricing too - you can tell that people wanna get rid of their STUFF!!!

This is the PERFECT sale for BEGINNER scrapbookers - LOTS and LOTS of stuff that I remember using when I was a beginner - LOTS AND LOTS of Organizational stuff - bags, totes, envelopes, containers, YOU NAME it - it's HERE!!!! Lots of alterable stuff - for those of you that like to MAKE things for peeps!! OH - Speaking of such - our good friend Dana has A TON of paint cans in the sale!!! She made these ADORABLE paint cans for a function at Central Christian - Center pieces....she's selling each can for $1.00 - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you could tear it all apart and redecorate it....then mom said - why don't you just take off the pictures and notecards and then you'd have a teachers GIFT for the end of school already made FOR A $1.00!! Made just for YOU by DANA!! :)

And STAMPS - HOLY MOTHER OF STAMPS!! I've NEVER EVER E V E R seen so many stamps in my LIFE!! I mean it - I'm gonna take a picture for you to see !!!! So - stamp lovers - this is the time - GET OUT HERE AND BUY THIS STUFF!!!!

Kelli and I will be here - with our GARAGE SALE CLOTHES on ready for you at 1:00 tomorrow (sunday!) - so get on out here!! I'll be back tomorrow with some photos for your viewing pleasure!!! :)


heather~dawn said...

Woohoo, garage sale time BABY!!!