Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good to be "BACK"!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Finally - we're HOME!! Do you know that feeling you have when your "company" leaves!! They've been staying all week long, and while you've had a GREAT week - FILLED with WONDERFUL memories - great laughs and happy times - you're GLAD to see em' go!! Not cuz you don't LOVE them - but beacause you're ready to have your HOUSE back - and to be back into your "normal" groove!!! That's kinda how i'm feelin' about the garage sale!!! It was a TREMENDOUS success!! And I can't WAIT to do the next one - but WOW!! How I MISSED OUR CROP ROOM!!!! And I know some of you did too!! We have regular croppers that come weekly into the store to hang out and crop - and last week felt a little weird not seeing them!!!!

So, we've been busy this weekend getting the store "put back" together!! I'm taking a large box of goodies with me to the school in the morning from the Garage Sale - many thanks to those of you who donated your un-sold items to them!!! They LOVE it when I bring stuff in!!!

As I type this - it's Sunday afternoon......and TOMORROW APRIL 28th is my SISTA's bertday!!! (that's how we say it - BERTDAY!!!) So, log back on later tonight for a lil' somethin somethin that I'm posting IN HER HONOR!!!

Not much goin on around these parts!!! I feel like I'm all out of GOOD JUICY STUFF to share for now!!! I'll be back soon - no worries - give me time!!! Hope you're all having a great weekend!!