Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay - R U ALL READY!?!?! As I type this there are LINES of people outside!!
JUST KIDDING!! Made you smile though didn't I!?!
I'm NOT EVEN READY FOR TOMORROW!! I haven't had a chance to REALLY look through my ads like I'd like still have to to that and get my game plan!! Looking for a Wii....what are the chances of THAT happening?!?! NONE!!!
So, the store is ready for YOU!!!
Don't forget, you loyal bloggers, to come in and give an EXTRA SPECIAL BLOGGLE BLOGGLE BLOGGLE to the ladies at the front and their gonna have a little somethin special for you!! I've pulled some fabulous gifts for you!! This is my way of thanking YOU for making OUR BLOG a part of your daily activities!!!
We've added a few more special sales to the list - so come in and see what it's all about!!!
The bundles are as follows:
Cricut Expression - purchase the Cricut Expression for $399.99 and receive ONE FREE cartridge of your choice (excluding Disney!) ($70.00 value!)
Wishblade - purchase the Wishblade for $449.99 and receive a FREE mat and blade replacement kit!! ($63.00 value!)
Cuttlebug - purchase the Cuttlebug for $89.99 and receive FOUR FREE dies of your choice! (in stock dies only!)
ALL CUTTLEBUG dies will be buy TWO - get ONE free!
Design Runner - purchase the Design Runner for $149.99 and the Discmaker for $99.99 and receive ONE free Design Disc (in stock only) and one FREE accessory kit!!!
come in and see us!!! Sarah's bringing her FAMOUS Toffee Bars and HOT APPLE CIDER for you as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps - big thanks to my sistA - love ya man!


babsbrown said...

I can't believe I am missing the TOFFEE BARS! They are SO YUMMY!