Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whew - i almost didn't make it to have a post a day this week....just in the nick of time!!

So - my SEVEN page TO DO list - is now down to just 2 pages!! :) yeah me!!! I have until 3:00 tomorrow to get everything else done and then the rest is GO TIME!!! We head out to ganza to get all set up!! We've changed a few things this time, hopefully to make things a LOT easier for set up and tear a new sound system - anxious to get the PARTA started on saturday night for our REVITALIZER, LET LOOSE midnight party!!! I've been working on getting my IPOD all ready for some great tunes to be playin!!! Hopefully Julie Ward will have hers as well - she seems to always have the best line dance songs!!! And i hope my line dancin' buddy is there.....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

SO - i had some photos to show you - and guess what - they're at the store and i'm at HOME.. :( so hopefully i'll be able to get those up here for you tomorrow.....when our countdown ticker is down to just the hOURs and no longer DAYS!!!

Renee, Mom and I have HANDWRITTEN AND STICKLED every single one of your TABLE MARKERS!!! I'm adding a little ribbon to them now....i hope you like them!!! My hubby and oldest son helped to fill the Goodie bags.......and renee suffered from GLITTER IN THE EYE just for you ganza goers!! ohhhh, the sacrifices that we make!!! ha ha! extra special thank you to Kristy for taking home the programs and printing them for me.....thank GOD for the R1900 printer!!! A PRE thank you to Nick, Sarah, Dad, Mom, Rocky, Kids, Renee and Kristy - thank you for alllllll of your hard work TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

I hope you are all packed and ready to go......reminder of the food.....we are not serving "meals" this make sure you plan accordingly.....we will have LOADS of snacks - as well as fresh fruit, veggie, cheese and cracker trays each day......and good news for you Pepsi and Coke lovers - we're gonna have BOTH this time!!

if you're needing something from the store -shoot us an email or call and we'll bring it with you and you can pick it up in the booth!!! The weather is looking good for the weekend too, maybe a lil rain!! OKay - i'm just rambling until i have something better to say - i'll close for now!!!

OH - we got some new stuff in....Reminisce Preschool - Senior year paper/embellishments ....... StoryBook Cricut Cartridge, Home Accents Cricut Cartridge, TONS of new Organizational products from OPTIONS! Restocked the AMM totes......FANCY PANTS SHIPPED TODAY!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!