Monday, September 1, 2008

patience grasshopper!

okay - okay - i know....but i DID warn ya'll that i'd be busy this week working on the store.....i spent the last week - ALL OF IT - cleaning and clearing out the store - all i'm gonna say is you have to see it to believe it!! :) there was so much stuff moved to the clearance section that i had to add ANOTHER display to fit it all!! :)

i am planning to give you all a HUGE post tomorrow - as it's late tonight as i post this one.....i have pictures for you as well....and.....................did you see the ticker!??! TEN DAYS UNTIL GANZA?!?!? i finally was able to start working on that this weekend as well!!!

you have until TOMORROW to order your ganza shirts - i must know if you want to order one!!!

I'll be back tomorrow!! :)
thanks for checking in on us, hope you had a great labor day - i sure did - LABORING!! :)