Thursday, September 25, 2008


ONE more day until Scrap*Pink begins!!! I picked up these cute lil tins at TARGET' Boutique yesterday and had Renee "doll" em up for "you"!!! hmmmm, i wonder whose THIS is!?!? (get it .... DOLL!!?) :)
not sure WHAT we're gonna fill em with yet - but i'm SURE it'll be YUMMY!!

If you're still interested in attending our Scrap*Pink Weekend - we still have seats available!! It begins at noon tomorrow and you can crop till midnight friday - then 9:00am - midnight on Saturday!! You can get LOADS done!!! It's only $30.00 - you receive a special Scrap*Pink gift, as well as a few giveaways and your specialized tin!!! We are also throwing in cold beverages and snacks too!!!

I wish Renee hadn't taken home the ADORABLE tin she was working on yesterday - i HOPE to post pictures of it tomorrow - but we are working on making halloween and christmas tins for you to purchase - ALREADY DECORATED!!! ..... so i'll hopefully be able to post that tomorrow!!!

Storiesbyeveryone......have you had a chance to check out their website!?!? i've been working on a book for Kord @ Eight......i am IN LOVE!!! It's SUPER easy and very user friendly - i'm planning to make some christmas gifts as well!!! lmk what you think if you've had a chance to try them out! are a couple of the pages that i'm working on in the book......

Andddd, i shouldn't be posting this - DL is gonna kill me....she hasn't even had a chance to receive it yet - but SOMETHING WONDERFUL CAME TODAY!! IT WILL BE READY TOMORROW!! i'll tell you then!!!

And, on a personal note - have to give a shout out to my baby brother!! As some of you may know - he is/was in a band called Moving Rushmore.....he's since moved to KC, MO to work on his music now he's working with Tim and they have started a "side project" of Moving Rushmore ..... their new name is "Sidetrack Monday" ..... they are going to start having FREE music downloads on their websites every monday - beginning September 29th.....check it out!! My favorite song is "Freakin' Me Out" i hope he posts that one FIRST!!! YEAH BROTHER - so proud of you!!!