Saturday, September 6, 2008


It’s true!! I have finally had time to do some laundry!! I am quickly crossing off items on my 7 page TO DO list….not AS quickly as I’d like – but never the less – it’s getting done!!! I have found that planning for CAG is a little more tedious than I’d imagined it being, yet I am enjoying it!! It could be that I’m a total control freak and if something goes wrong – then I AM the one to blame – not vice versa if ya know what I mean!!!

So – here it is – your FIRST post regarding Ganza!!! I’m going to TRY and list something each day leading to ganza – I have a few different ideas in mind – I might just go ahead and post them ahead of time so all I have to do is submit them to you….hmmmm that’s an idea – working AHEAD instead of PROCRASTINATING?!?! I’ve never even CONSIDERED doing things that way!!

So – our vendors this time are FABULOUS!! Not that they haven’t always been in the past – but I enjoy a variety of places to shop, and we’ve got that this time!! We have a few that are brand new to us, a couple that are returning, a few that have been to every one!! It’s a great group of ladies and I hope you’ll enjoy them too!!! If you’re attending Ganza, try and stop by their booths…even if you’re not purchasing anything – but at least to tell them thank you for being at ganza!! It’s a LOT of work to plan and follow thru with vendoring and sometimes I think that some people think that they’re just there to make money – but that’s not the case all the time!! There are some people out there that are solely trying to help you with your addiction!! AS well as bring you a great product!!! So, here they are (in no particular order), our September 2008 Crop*A*Ganza Vendors!!!

Scrappin’ Boot Camp
Most of you know and love Cara Leeds and her family!! Cara brings us fabulous scrapbooking apparel!! AND, she usually has other UNIQUE items in her booth!! SBC is also the company we used this time to make our Ganza shirts!! Make sure and let her know what you think of them!!!

The Angel Company
Heather Scott, is heading up our Angel Company booth this time!! While I have not had the pleasure of meeting her PERSONALLY, I feel as though I already know her well through our email conversations!! If you attended CAG in June, you knew how FAST The Angel Company products were sold out!! So, make sure and visit her soon!!!

Stampin’ Up
Julie Ward is back!! She will have a great selection of Stampin Up products for you to purchase, as well as FANTASTIC MAKEnTAKES, you don’t wanna miss those – she gets GREAT feedback on her make n takes!!

If you’ve been in the store over the last 2 months – you’ve probably noticed the WONDERFUL “odor” that we have!! J That’s all thanks to Scentsy! Melanie Markley recently moved to Andover and has turned all of us on to Scentsy!! You have to visit her booth – you will NOT be sorry!! You’ll be sure to find her too, follow your nose!!!

Juile Lushbough is going to be bringing these one of a kind BUTTON RINGS that she personally designs and makes!! You have to see these rings – they are ABSOLUTELY one of a kind – and CAN be so personal!! Check out our blog for more information on her personally, as well as her business!!

Diva Designs
Back for their second Crop*A*Ganza! We are so excited to have these girls! They bring the coolest alterable items!! Some of them complete with kits for you to assemble!! Be sure and check out their large and spacious boothS!!!

Creative Memories
Tara has been with us at EVERY SINGLE Crop*A*Ganza we have had!!! (thank you Tara!) For those of you that love and respect the Creative Memories name, she’s here for you! With products to sell as well as orders to take!!

Flair & Frills
What would a weekend crop retreat be without the opportunity to treat yourself to a massage and pedicure!??! Brynn is back with her posse’ of ladies to pamper you with all the frills and flair you desire!!! You can visit her in Suite or her booth to make your appointments as soon as you arrive!!

Creative Impressions
Becky and Carolyn have made their mark in our scrapbooking community!! You will see them at Crop Camp and Crop*A*Ganza!! I have to admit, I was one of “those” people that didn’t understand what they were doing, so therefore I didn’t visit their booth. YOU HAVE TO!! Not only should you visit with them, but you should also come prepared!! Do you have albums at home that are SPECIFIC to ONE occasion?!?! Such as a wedding, vacation or birth?!? They imprint those albums for you!!! I had one made at Crop Camp last year!! The album that I had actually brought with me and was working on was our Mexico Vacation from 2005. They imprinted that on the cover for me – it looks beautiful and I love it!! So, come prepared and visit with them!

Lastly – we’ll be there with our booth!! Kristy and Kate will be IN CHARGE, so if you’re needing any assistance, come and look them up!!! We TRY to bring just about everything we can think that you might need while cropping this weekend. While we can’t bring everything – we do try and bring a BIG selection of items!! If there is anything you would like for us to bring specifically – please just drop us an email or call the store and we’ll gladly bring it with us!!!

So - that's it for TONIGHT!! I will be back tomorrow with a little more on ONE or TWO of our NEWEST vendors!! I'm SURE you're gonna love it!! :) back to folding laundry!! :)


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