Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust!!

Day that is!!! What is happening to our days?!?! Are you feeling as if you only have three hours in yours too!?!?! :)

Okay - so your "VENDOR OF THE DAY" is Creative Impressions!!! Now - before i put her lil blurb up here - i have to tell you - COME PREPARED WITH YOUR ALBUMS!! You will be SO SORRY that you left them at home!! If you're one of the many croppers that leave your album at home cuz that's just ONE MORE THING TO LUG IN....BRING IT!! Cuz you're gonna WANT to have your albums "impressed upon"!! that's cute - i just made that up!!!

Creative Impressions
For those that don't know, Creative Impressions is a heated foil imprinting service. We can personalize several types of albums with our system. The best way to know whether we can imprint your album or not is to show us! By feeling the album or spine, we can determine whether or not it will hold the imprint. We have several dies in addition to the alphabet to personalize your albums. The "dies" are simply shapes and/or words pre-molded for imprinting. Some dies that we have are: baby feet, graduation cap, hearts, teddy bear, soccer ball, Christmas tree, dinosaur and many more. Our best selling die is the one that is pre-worded saying "Made with love by Mom". Many moms put this die on the back cover of albums for their children. (We also carry "Made with love by Grandma" too!!) Creative Impressions is not only about albums. We imprint napkins as well. Our prices on this service are VERY affordable. I even have them done for my children's class parties at school!! They are so fun!! We will have both album and napkin samples on display so come check out our booth! Most importantly, be sure to BRING YOUR ALBUMS OR SPINES to Ganza to have them personalized!!!
AND - one lucky Ganza Go-er will WIN with the purchase of 2 lines (or dies) of imprinting, they can choose a 3rd one (line or die) for FREE!!!
Trust me - you're gonna want ALL your albums to match!! AND have titles - it's so neat and clean and professional looking!!
Soooooo......i've been able to tear out TWO pages of my SEVEN to do lists'!!! YEAH ME!!! (this list also includes to do's at home!!....like prepare four meals to last the family throughout the week and weekend without me....i know - such a great wife!!! HA!!)
Looking forward to seein' ya'll soon....and those that aren't attending - looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!!! I am HOPING to have pictures of the RAFFLE items up here by tonight....we'll see how that goes....Kord has a football game tonight!!?!!?