Monday, September 29, 2008



well - today is the FIRST day of my lil' brothers New Music Monday - free music here to see what i'm talkin' yes, he's my brother, yes he's family, yes i AM a little biased - but we went to his concert last night and it was AMAZING!!! he's such a talented lil guy!!! (i can say that - he's my LITTLE BROTHER!) is sooooo completely awesome to see him (or anyone you care about for that matter) following his dreams - breaking all the rules - going against the "norm" and GOING FOR IT!! Doing what he is PASSIONATE for - always has been - seeing him living his dream!!! (i'm tearing up as i post this) i'm just so incredibly proud of him, AND HIS FAMILY!! How many WIVES do you know that would support something like this!?! And their daughter, Sydney - they all are just absolutely amazing and even if this doesn't go in the direction that they're hoping for - THEY DID IT!! THATS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!!! And think of what their daughter is learning from this....determination, drive, passion, dreams, perseverance......LOVE, I just love you guys so much and SOOOOOO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF ALL THREE OF YOU!!!!

Something else that was really COOL about this concert (and his music) is that we (sarah and I) took OUR KIDS to this concert.....they were dancing in the aisles and singing along - how many other concerts can you do that!?!?! It's so cool for MY SONS to see this - see this in it's baby steps...from the beginning - so totally cool!! I'm hoping to get some pics from the concert uploaded this week so you can see them!!!

Thank you for reading the personal for the SCRAPBOOKIN' stuff!!!

check out these adorable pails that renee has been working on - they are for sale!! (i took a FEW pictures of them, so you could see them from EVERY angle!!) you can purchase one - fill it with candy or whatnot - and give it to your kids teachers' for an october birthday (mine!) a pail and put a gift card in it!!! CUTE!! LOVE THEM!!! What else.....OH - MY MINDS EYE IS IN THE HOUSE!!! alll of it is finalllly here!! These are pictures taken on friday - all the paper spread out....LOVE it!!! New Bazzill - chip board AND new colors of cardstock - textured dot paper (kristy - it's really cool!) ......... the kit wall is bursting at the and the girls have been working their tails off!!! new family paper.......Got a BUTTLOAD (pardon my french here -but you really need to understand what i'm saying!) .... of thickers!! We ARE your thickers HEADQUARTERS!!! american crafts albums.........BUTTONS - TONS OF BUTTONS!!.....Scrap*Pink layout - now it doesn't HAVE TO BE Scrap*Pink - renee did this on purpose........It's ADORABLE - and only $8.99 (we only have a limited number of these!)