Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How have ya'll BEEN!?!??! Have you missed me!??! I took last week off (and 1/2 of this week) to work on the store!!! ANNND, as usual, the rest of my life has gone CRAZY out of control!! :) soooo, i'm working on ganza prep work....a BIG sorry to our vendors for not staying in touch with you as i'd like to - i WILL be doing that before the week is up!!! I'm out to get balloons and snacks later this week as well - then just a few small projects and we're rarin' to go!!!

Here's what else i've been busy doing!!!........My oldest - Kord has started his SECOND year of Flag Football!! (next year will be full tackle....uggh!!) He loves it so much and the determination in his eyes is priceless!! Here are just a few pics of him!!! My youngest, Hayden (now a kindergartner!) is taking Soccer!! And, for the most part - he really enjoys it!!! This is his FIRST team sport to play - so we do have some of the normal issues to go through!! But, overall - he's gonna be great!!

We also celebrated (sarah's son) Chases' THIRD birthday!! (although he disagrees and says he's STILL TWO!) And lastly - Oliver P. is doing great!! He survived his "surgery" and has fully recovered and is suffering NO emotional stress!!!So - now that all the family stuff is out of the way.....lets get down to what's been going on around here!!! The store is SPIC-N-SPAN!!! :) i must say it's really nice!! I love a clean house and a clean store!!! Nothing is dramatically moved - just freshened up and SOME of it has been put into the clearance.......makes you wonder WHAT we have left IN the store doesn't it!?!?! Renee and Kristy did a FABULOUS job getting it all out and merchandised for you!! (this isn't ALL of it!! there's also more on the adjacent wall!)We have Andover Middle School papers and stickers in!! FINALLY!! After all this time - whodathunked it?!!? i really like the stickers too - they're pretty neat!! OH - and we are also ordering some new diecuts for some of our schools........change things up a bit!!!! I'm supa excited about those - as well as KSU and KU!!
AND - i didn't take a picture of these - but the FALL die cuts that we just got from Scrapbooks Etc. are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I'm already going to place a re-order b/c they will not last long!!

Okay - i don't THINK i've posted a photo of our JANA GIRL tool aprons and tu-tus for your cup holder - if so - forgive me!! But i just purchased my FIRST one while we were at Maple Memories, and am IN LOVE!!! I personally feel that it's a MUST to have!! I didn't EVER have to look for my scissors, adhesive, piercer, or pens!!! They will be at Crop*A*Ganza as well!!!


So - since we are still waiting on some of our new CHA merchandise to arrive.....we've already made a home for them!!! Look how lonely these paper trays look - sitting here just WAITING to be put to use!!! LOOK AT ALL OF THEM!!!

And i just had to share this with you - i think it's SO cute!! And such a great example of how a simple request to Renee turns into THIS!! Here is how it "played out"..."hey renee, can you make a little sign of some sort saying WHAT will be going here" (so we'll know when it comes in where to put it!) I come back in about 15 minutes and THIS is what i find!! ADORABLE!!! CUTE!!

KAISER CRAFTS!! WOW - the response to this companies paper has been tremendous!! We are so glad you like it and we're excited to have a new company in the store as well!! :) These are also by Kaiser Crafts and they are VERY popular!!!

Prima - Say it with Crystals - these are GINORMOUS and beautiful!! :) i personally LOVE the HUGE felt borders from them as well!!!

Thinking ahead to Christmas.....theses 12x12 shadow boxes/layout frames would be a GREAT gift to give "Grandma" or "Dad" for his office!!!

And - we finally have the SMALL clear buckets in!! I love these little things - i'll have to do something with one of them and show you - maybe a teacher gift?!?! we'll see!!


Simply Swank is IN THE HOUSE!!! I am so excited that Renee convinced me to order these PINK SOLDERING IRONS!!! I can't wait to use one in the Soldering class in two weeks!! :)

We have a full line of Simply Swank products.....if you're into soldering - make sure you think of us when making your future purchases!! We're testing this market out!!

I just LOVED this picture from Bazzill of their TULLE!!! I am AMAzED at how the girls are using this tulle!! You really need to come in and see - we've updated ALL the layouts in the store - fresh and NEW!! :)

This ribbon is so PRETTY!! Bazzill Christmas - love it!
And lastly - our September Layout of the Month!!! :) I love this!!! (how many times have i said that in this post?!) While we were at Maple Memories, we were discussing how ONE of us needed to get on the LOTM for September....jana piped up - "i'll do it"!! we didn't give her a SECOND to change her mind!! Here's what she came up with!!! What do you think!?!? there are only a limited number of kits available - when they're gone - they're gone!!! They go on sale for $12.00 on Saturday at 9:00.

Okay - my brain is fried!!! I hope this was enough to get you through till tomorrow!!! I will try reallly realllly hard to get back to my daily blog posts.......i'm not promisin' anything though!! :) have a great day and thanks for reading our novel!!


Yami said...

how about an "I love my secretary" can to practice with? those are sooooo cute. Gotta remember to call the store tomorrow to get a KOTM for September. LOVE it!!! the greens are just BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!

Michielle said...

Man, oh've been a very busy girl!!! WOW!! Look at that clearance section!! Looks like LOTS of goodies there to check out. Thanks for keeping us posted on "Life at the Store"....everyones favorite get away place!!!!